Thursday, October 14, 2010

Does "Intervention" offer interventions for people who watch too much TV?

As has been mentioned in countless earlier posts, I tend to think and worry far too much. I am convinced I inherited this from my father who is a huge worrywart (and who I will now just refer to as Coach because I know my friends and family get a big kick out of that.) Coach isn't just a worrywart, he's got a small sprinkling of OCD on top just to make life interesting. I remember countless hours spent sitting in the car waiting for him as he went back into the house to make sure things were unplugged and turned off. My awful sense of humor has often delighted in saying "Wait, I think I left my hair straightener plugged in...." on the way to a family function just to see that look of panic flash over his face. Coach never finds that joke funny, yet he falls for it every damn time. Yet I find myself with touches of this same affliction, often sending frantic texts to roommates asking them to "double check" that I had turned something off or put something away before leaving the house that morning.

I have realized recently that I have truly turned this ability to think and worry too much into a total stressfest in my life. I stress about the usual suspects -- work, money, getting older, etc. I stress about the weather and how it will affect my commute or my choice of clothing. I stress about remembering to get all my errands run.

But I have truly hit a new level of stress. I have become so completely overwhelmed and stressed out by television. Oh yes, you read that correctly. TELEVISION.

It started over the summer, when Entertainment Weekly and the like start getting people pumped for the return of your favorite TV shows and letting you know what new programs to add to your TV viewing line up. I was simply overwhelmed by all the choices. How would I watch it all?? What if I missed a show that everyone else was watching -- would I be able to catch up??

L and I tried to get tactical as the show premiers drew closer. We had a chart mapped out to show what shows we could record and when. But most of you out there know the rules with the DVR -- you can only record two things at once. ONLY TWO!!! I was beyond stressed. I had to make important life altering decisions about what shows to record and what ones I would have to leave behind. I was living in my own weird version of "Sophie's Choice" and I knew it wasn't normal and/or healthy.

So the natural thing to do is realize this problem and set myself straight right? Wrong. So. Very. Wrong.

A few weeks ago, L and I finally broke down and made the trip to Comcast to pick up two new DVR boxes. So now in addition to the DVR in the living room, we would now each have one for our bedrooms. Now the recording possibilities were going to be endless. I could have my own special shows recording in my room. Things that I don't even want L to know I am recording. Things like Real Housewives of Atlanta and those damn Kardashians -- trust me, I have tried to quit them but I just keep getting sucked back in!

We returned home with the cable boxes and setting them up falls under L's apt responsibilities. I am not really sure what I bring to the table, but anything to do with electronics or hanging pictures is L's territory. She reported back that we had gotten the wrong kind of cable box...or the wrong cord...I really don't remember. I think I just blacked out at the thought of having to go back to the friggin Comcast office. can we avoid going back to that dreaded Comcast office? Whatever could we do....

BUY NEW TVS!!!!!!!!!

So instead of going back to Comcast we got in the car and went to Costco and bought beautiful new HD TVs for our bedrooms. I am so in love with mine I think I need to name it...suggestions welcome :)

I know how sad and unhealthy all this TV has become, but here's the thing... I still read books, use big words (correctly) in my daily meetings and emails, keep active, get out and enjoy the fresh air, have dinner with friends. So is it really that bad if some nights I would rather stay home and catch up with my DVR than head out to a BAR?

Or do I have to take a hard look in the mirror and say:
My Name is Deviled Megs...and I'm a TVaholic