Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Swap reject

Since I am still new to this whole big beautiful blogging world, I was completely unaware of Christmas Swaps (or any sort of "swap" arrangement, really.) This sounded like it was tailor made for me -- one of my most favorite things to do, is give presents. I love the challenge of gift-giving and enjoy the hunt for finding the elusive "perfect gift." I like sending folks cards for no reason. I love making care packages for friends. Christmas swap sound like the best thing ever!

I was excited as I left comments on various blogs, "signing up" to be included in the swap. My mind raced with thoughts of what cute gifts and packages I could put together. I kept checking my email, waiting for word of who I was matched with and when I could start my gifting.

And waited.


...and waited some more.

Nothing. No emails, not a one. I guess for some reason I can't understand, I didn't make the cut to participate in these swaps. I would be totally lying if I said it didn't make me feel like a total loser. The little scrawny kid no one picked for dodge ball. The odd scrap of fabric in the remnants bin that no one can find a use for. That lonely last chocolate in the Whitman's sampler box that no one wanted.

Sad, so very sad.

So if anyone is reading this and knows of any Christmas swaps that are still going on, would you please hook a girl up and let me know?


  1. Umm..I didn't know there was such a thing!! And, I've been around for two years. We could start our own swap!! I know some cool/fun bloggers who may want to participate??

  2. You know, I've read about them...but I get so overwhelmed at the holidays I've never signed up. I have no idea how it even works. BUT...I think that is a disgrace! A terrible disgrace. Surely you missed a step! You had to have. Clearly anyone would be HONORED to have you participate in their swap. WTH? How rude x-(

  3. Did they say to leave a comment to sign up or actually email them to sign up? That might be the problem. I've done lots of swaps in the past and most ask people to send an email bc comment sign ups tend to have a lot of flake outs. If not, I don't know what to tell you and am so sorry. They can be fun. But they are also a matter of trusting that this stranger will send you somethings just as fabulous as you sent her. I have had several great swap partners. And a bunch of duds too. And a bunch who NEVER SENT ANYTHING. So I've stopped doing them for a while. But I am so sorry you weren't able to get signed up because I think anyone would be lucky to have you as a swap partner!

  4. I have done a couple and they are not worth it. I think about what I am going to get and put a lot of time and money into my gift and I get crap. Probably for the better they didn't contact you...

  5. I am so sad to read this!! I actually hosted one. EVERYONE that entered received a partner. (even 2 who entered late) Although some dropped out, etc. I included everyone. I am so sorry. I didn't know you would/could "pick" who would participate. That's just wrong and weird!

    (((HUGS))) I would have love for you to have participated in mine!