Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tales from the Trenches Tuesday

This one is from the vault...and while it doesn't exactly fall into the bucket of a bad date, I think the story fits well in this category.

I didn't really "date" in high school. I managed to bring dates or get taken as a date to prom and such. You know, events where you were required to have a date. But actual dates? Yeah, not so much. I had painful unrequited crushes on people, crushes that sometimes only my journal new about. But my interaction with boys was pretty minimal. And while I was no raving beauty, I didn't think I was a complete disaster. Just shy and quiet maybe. And completely and utterly uncomfortable being around boys outside of the classroom for the most part.

But I will always remember the day I realized that dating, boys and all of that was never going to get easy for me. I was walking from the soccer fields up to my high school after practice one day, I guess this must have been my junior year. I happened to be doing so at the same time that a whole bunch of football players were leaving practice to head up to the locker rooms.

Now being shy, quiet, and uncomfortable, I tried to just hurry by them (hopefully) unnoticed. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. One of the football players, DFI, saw me walking alone and attacked like a lion would on a gazelle that strayed from their group.

"Hey, dog!" DFI shouted at me. "Where's your Alpo?"

I froze for a second, horrified. I should have kept moving, because clearly he saw that he had rattled me and went further with the taunting.

"That's right, I think you're a DOG!"

And that is when DFI started barking at me.

Now, I have enough perspective in my older age and wisdom to be thankful that it was not as bad as it could have been. I mean, it wasn't like the other football players joined in with him. But at the time, OUCH that hurt. I mean, someone just told me I was a dog and barked at me. It wasn't a real "high point" in my high school career.

But at the same time, I also felt really bad for DFI. I don't know if he didn't know me very well, or just didn't care. But I knew who he was. Well, knew enough that he hoped to play on my Dad's Varsity baseball team come that Spring. Clearly only a Dumb F*cking Idiot would call the coach's daughter a dog and then bark at her, right?

Pretty sure DFI rode the bench that spring, poor guy.


  1. Revenge in best served in riding pine. Love this.

  2. Good morning from Tokyo!

    With all the press the subject of bullying has been getting, it breaks my heart to read this. I attended an all girls school for 15 years and suffered my fair share of taunts and cruel remarks.

    The end of your story had me in stitches, though. How is that for a dish served cold? Seems pretty fitting if you ask me.

    So glad to have found your blog! A lovely day to you and yours...



  3. When I hear stories like that, it makes me wonder why parents tout that high school was the best 4 years of their lives. I never had anyone say that to me, although I nearly got my ass kicked and served back to me on a silver platter as a freshman. High school wasn't the best years of my life. College was. Can I go back to those years? I LIKED those. lol Glad to hear DFI got his though.

  4. What an f-ing idiot. High schoolers can be mean. But seriously? Sounds like a bad movie.

  5. What a f-in idiot. And what a great way to get sweet revenge

  6. That is utterly appaling that he thought it was ok to taunt you like that... but I absolutely LOVE the fact that the idiot was stuck riding the bench the whole spring!