Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Wish List

I have never been a huge fan of New Year's resolutions. They always seem like an "all or nothing" attempt and most people often fall short. I feel like sometimes the standard is set too high or there is too much pressure. A combination of things really, but I rarely get on board the whole resolution bandwagon.

But that is not to say that I don't have goals, hopes, dreams and wishes for myself in the new year. I most definitely do -- lots of 'em for 2011, in fact. They have been rolling around in my head now for a bit and casually interjected into some conversations and emails. But I feel like I need to post them here to make them really and truly official. Since I have all of you readers to hold me accountable!

Originally I thought I would organize them by priority, or even categorize them. But as days in January keep ticking away...I think it's best I just throw them up against the wall and let them stick without plan, rhyme or reason. Let's play this one fast and loose, shall we? :) I think I may need to break this into a few posts -- I mean I am really not kidding when I say I have many hopes and wishes for what 2011 may hold for good ol' Deviled Megs.

Write more. I attempted this last year for Lent and didn't quite meet my goal of 40 posts in 40 days, but it did get me back into some more consistency and regularity in my posting. Writing is always something I have had a passion for and that has brought me joy, and who couldn't stand to have a little more joy in their life, right?

Get to (and hopefully surpass?) 100 followers. I know, this is such a lame and potentially vain goal to have, isn't it? I hate myself too. But every time I notice I have new followers, it gives me a thrill beyond words. Are you reading this now and have not yet become a follower? It's free and takes one click AND it will make me feel better about myself. I mean really, what's stopping you? Go give it a click and consider it your good deed for the day.

Learn to take a compliment. I imagine this might be a good goal for many of us in the new year since it is something that can make many of us uncomfortable. But something this little blog has brought me that I was totally unprepared for was compliments. From family members who read, from people who knew me in high school or college, from total strangers...I have received so many lovely compliments on my writing and my sense of humor. And I don't know quite how to take them. I am not someone who is used to getting compliments so this is a little bit of a new thing for me but I would like to get more comfortable with it and more gracious in receiving them.

Make this blog prettier to look at. Because right now it's pretty blah, right? To be fair, I had started the process way back in the summer with one designer and we weren't exactly on the same page design-wise. After that, I contracted some work from another designer who, for outside reasons that were not in her control, I am still waiting to receive my deliverable from. But yes, I know this place would be a lot more fun to come and visit with me at if it looked a little spruced up. That said, if any of you reading this can recommend someone, please message me! I think referrals in that line of work are worth their weight in gold.

(Speaking of weight...) Keep on track with my health and fitness. Yes, you read that right, I said keep on track, not start a new regime. Since the Fall, I have lost just over 15 lbs. Apparently slow and steady IS the best way to do these sorts of things. I feel great about it, although no one but me has really noticed the change. I still have some more I'd like to lose, but fell a bit off track during the holidays. Not that I gained a bunch back, I have just sort of stayed around the same. So time to push through the plateau and get back on track.

Let go. I want to let go of so very much this year. Clothes in my closet I have no need or use for. Stresses I come across at work. Friendships that may have become stagnant or are no longer fulfilling. Worries about things that may be out of my control. Papers, cards, tchotchkes and other stuff I am holding on to for no good reason. These are just some of the things that I need to clear out of my life in 2011. Otherwise there will not be enough room for all the wonderful things I am hoping, wishing and planning for!

Hold on tight. Sometimes this one can be a little bit harder than letting go for me. I need to hold on to the things and the people that matter. To hold focus on the things I want for myself and where I want to go in my life. To hold on to who I am as a person and not let people/time/situations/circumstances change me for the worse. Even when holding on to all those things can be difficult or take time. I need to trust myself and my gut to know the difference between what I need to hold on to and what I need to let go of.

End things on a positive. Back in my sorority days, there were many aspects of our meetings and our daily dealings where we had to "end things on a positive", and for the most part we did. Granted, sometimes it was a bit of a stretch. During bid sessions, when discussing potential members we definitely did not want in our chapter, people often ended their comments by stating that the young woman in question "was totally a shining star....just in another house." Hey, I didn't say these were heartfelt and emphatic positives, just that the effort was made. But I think there is a good takeaway in that I am going to aim by ending more things positively -- work days, blog postings, phone calls, emails, you get my drift.

So speaking of sororities...I may or may not have mentioned on here that I actually serve as an advisor to a collegiate chapter. I know, I can't believe I do that either. I honestly did it because I thought maybe I may make some new friends with the other board members. I like them all and we all seem to work well together, but I can't say we are all necessarily grabbing coffee together. Still, I made the commitment and I always honor my commitments. We are now heading into Formal Recruitment. Or what those of you that may have gone through it know it better as...HELL. You know, if hell had matching outfits, songs, clapping, glitter, balloons and pink lemonade. So please pray for me. I need all the help I can get.


  1. I feel exactly like you do about having followers though! I love getting new ones, *wink wink* Makes you feel so good :)

    I also think your blog looks REALLY great, very easy to read and attractive, but I understand always wanting to improve.

  2. HA! Hell! I totally know what you mean. We don't have DG chapter with an hour or two drive otherwise I would be doing the same. I'm involved in my sorority alumni group here in town though.
    I like the goals. I think they're great. I need to make my blog prettier too. One blogger helped me but I'm still not crazy about it. If you find someone good let me know.

  3. That is a pretty good list my friend... although I am thinking, unless you really want too, there isn't a big need to change your blog... some people's blogs give me a headache the moment I arrive on it... not yours, never once, pretty calming actually!

  4. They changed recruitment to the spring at MD? I guess that makes sense!
    Great things to work on this year!

  5. Sounds like a good list of goals for the year!

  6. The items on your wish list sound good.
    Good Luck with Rush! I am not sure what was worse going through rush or being an active and all the work of rush

  7. I would agree on both the holding on and letting go...I need to work on both, and have a hard time with each, if that makes sense!

    Also, I'm really bad at taking compliments as well.

  8. Hey girl! I'm a new follower and happy to also be helping you reach your 100 goal! Hope you'll come visit me :)


  9. Hey i just read your blog for the first time, i too can't seem to get on board with the whole happy new year resolutions let's make up stuff not to stick to. I do want to write more consistent blog posts though.

    Alice X

  10. I'm finally catching up on some of my blog reading & saw this today. Your comments on getting new followers really cracked me up :p You're only 5 away! I bet you'll reach that in no time. As for everything else - great goals! Hope you're able to make some good progress on them :)