Sunday, January 23, 2011

Star light, star bright. I wish I may, I wish I might...

....get some #@%*ing sleep tonight. Oh good grief, this is so not good. Over Friday and Saturday nights I got a rough total of 9 hours sleep. Oh yes, bloggy friends. Nine. Hours. TOTAL.

And now, here I am on Sunday night. Well, really now it's Monday morning. And wish I may and wish I might, I cannot get myself to sleep tonight. Body is tired but mind is just turning gears. Hopefully tomorrow is a relatively "smooth sailing" kind of day because I think I will be too ungodly tired to deal with anything more than that.

I hope to be posting a bit of stuff this week (yay!) I am getting closer and closer to that magical 100 mark. So exciting -- can I give a "shout out" to the new followers? I am usually fairly anti-shout out, but it seems called for on this occasion.

I'd also like to wish a Happy 1-week Anniversary to me and my new BFF, the macbook. Quick question for anyone reading you name inanimate objects you use on the regular? I know lots of folks have names for their cars (I don't, although I often feel I should) but I did name my very first iPod Ichabod when I got it six years ago (almost to the day of the macbook purchase oddly enough.)

So what do we the macbook? And if so, is this beautiful piece of computing loveliness a boy or a girl?


  1. i named my computer in college... but only because he was such a troublemaker and would constantly die. so i would have to yell at him. his name was Bucky Francis... i have NO idea why, it just popped into my head one day.
    i'm a nut, i know.

  2. I named my car Jenny - and when I get upset with her I call her "Jenn-aaaa" like in Forrest Gump.

    I tried to name my Mac but I couldn't find a name that "fit" - so good luck!

  3. I named my car-plastica b/c she's plastic and sassy

  4. Did you sleep? Time for Lunesta.

  5. My car names have been: Yoda, James, Cam, and now Bruce.

    My iPods have been: The Haus and Ana BaNano

    My MacBook: BlacMac

    Oh, and take some melatonin and some Advil/Motrin/Tylenol PM tonight. You'll get knocked out and stay knocked out. And you won't be cranky in the morning...I had to do this a while back before I went postal from sleep deprivation.