Thursday, January 27, 2011

Swappity Swap Swap -- all the cool kids are doing it

So something my inner blogging nerd has been dying to do, is host a swap. I know, I know. People have told me they can be a pain to host. People have told me you get let down when people half-ass their participation. People have told me they refuse to participate in one.

Well I say, "Unbutton your crankypants and let's live a little, people!" So I am going to check something off my "To do in 2011" list and host my very own Valentine's Swap.

Brace yourselves, readers. I have a shocking confession to make. I actually kind of dig Valentine's Day. I know, soooo out of character for me, right? How can a girl who's walked in on Naked Snack Time and suffered Crass Break-up Texts have even a shred of hopeless romantic left in her?

I like the cheesiness...I like the candy hearts...I like the cute little cards. I just like it, ok? Has nothing to do with having a special someone as your Valetine to get all romantical with (although hey, technically there is still some time to find one!) Actually, I think the Valentine's Days where I did have a special someone in my life have been some of the not-so-fun ones -- top points would go to the guy who left on Valentine's Day to go to a Jimmy Buffet concert in FL with his friends (then called me drunk from the hotel room to let me know he burnt his hand while ironing something -- Happy Valentine's Day!!)

Anyway, most of my Valentine's Days have been spent without a "special someone" and I still get a kick out of this meaningless Hallmark holiday. I choose the occasion to send Valentines to my friends. My dear sweet AB and I used to send each other flowers every year, started one year I think as a ploy to make one of our exes jealous...then turned into a sweet little tradition. (AB - are you reading? Did we do that last year? I honestly can't remember...that must mean we are getting old) I think last year I may have sent some valentines cards to my friend's kids. Kids so young they can't read let alone know wht the hell Valentine's Day is. I just like February 14th...don't judge me.

So I would like to host a swap...for all of those out there who love Valentine's Day too. Or for all those looking for a reason to like Valentine's Day this year. Come on...pretty please won't you participate in my swap?

Here's the details:
• To participate, please leave your email address in the comment section below by Wednesday, Feb 2. I will send you your matches no later than Friday, 2/4.
• If you would like to participate but can't comment below, send me an email at DeviledMegsMail (at)
• To keep this as simple as possible (it's my first time guys) I am going to limit this to US residents. But I do love those of you reading all over the great big globe!! I was just told by those more experienced in all things swapping, that they ahve difficulty finding people who are willing to ship outside the US. I am a swap hosting virgin, so maybe this is not the case?? Feel free to enlighten me peeps!
• In the comments, leave some of your favorites - candies, treats, color, hobbies, whatever. Just some things that might give people some clues as to what to put in your Valentine's day care package.
• $20 limit (not including shipping) and just make sure it gets to your swap partner by Monday, Feb. 14th.

So whaddya say...want to help me celebrate Valentine's Day and spread the love?


  1. How fun! I've always HATED Valentines Day but then almost got married on V-day last year. Crazy or what?
    I'm in for a swap.
    My favs: dark chocolate,chocolate covered nuts, red wine, anything wine related :-)

  2. Yayyyyyyyyy -- thank you Dee (can you tell I'm excited!) Maybe I should go hand around the Clarendon Grille this weekend and see if I can find a new valentine in time for the 14th? ;)

  3. I got all excited until it said limited to US citizens, and then I was :) Next year, maybe you will remember us diehard Canadians. We love Valentine's Day too!

  4. On no!! I just heard from other swaps that there was always difficulty when people got matched with someone outside the US. You know I have nothing but love for my neighbors up north!

  5. I'm in!! I love all things conversation hearts and chocolate. (But nothing too fancy because that might mean gluten which es no beuno por Ana.

    anaosborn [at] gmail [dot] com

  6. I do not like Valentines Day or swaps. But, because I like you I am in :)

    mcathleen at gmail

  7. What? Ok, I'm in. I have never participated in nor heard of such a thing... but I'm in.

    I am a mother of 3. I like all sweets, chocolate, and anything baked. I drink coffee. I am trying to be ecofriendly in my life. I like to read. I want to find the time to paint my nails red for Valentine's Day. I participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count on the weekend after Valentine's Day each year.


    Ok... did I do this right so far?

  8. 1. I love all things holiday and this just ups the cheese factor for me!

    2. I have no idea about the logistics of a swap, so you'll have to fill me in before I can participate.

    3. Anything kitchen or cooking related is my preference - I don't really have a sweet tooth.

    4. I'm glad you remembered our tradition but now you ruined your surprise...and I actually don't think it had anything to do with a boy, more like our shared love of random acts of presents!

    5. You better already have my email! :)

  9. I'd love to participate, I love holiday-themed swaps :)

    I love things cooking related, crafty-like, stationary, monogrammed, wine, etc. I like painting my nails and lip balm/gloss, I'm a magazine junkie and I love flowers!

    crumpets with jam @ (no spaces, of course!)