Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving...Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars in the new Coconut Caramel Fudge flavor. Hand to GOD, these taste just like a Girl Scout Samoa cookie. One bar is only 120 calories but tastes like I should feel SO much guiltier about eating it. They are seriously that good. I need to find out from Kellogg's if this is some sort of limited edition flavor so I can go and buy every box I see while they are still available.

I'm loving...planning trips. Back to Chicago in March, Vegas in April, and maybe even Boston in May. The way things have felt at work and in life lately, having fun trips to look forward to helps make it all seem a little bit more bearable.

I'm loving...new music. I am currently enjoying Mumford & Sons. Mr. Toothbrush played them for me in the car once and I really dug it. Oddly enough, I usually walk away from many failed relationships with a new artist/group that I like. So it's all not a total loss, right?

I'm loving...presents. Yes, to get them is wonderful, but as I have mentioned on here before I absolutely LOVE giving the perfect present. I recently attended a retreat where I was in charge of the gifts for our advisees. When they opened their gifts and could not stop talking about how much they loved them, I felt like a million bucks. A special thank you to those that have been singing the praises of the Michael's dollar section lately -- those dollar reusable tote bags were the perfect bag to give the gifts in! Cheaper than a paper gift bag from Target and better because they can be used again and again.

I'm loving...swaps. Probably because I am loving giving presents so much but it also makes me feel like I have some sort of secret pen pal or something. I am so tempted to host a swap on here...but am thinking that as crazy and busy as life has been lately, that may be biting off more than I can chew. We shall see - maybe it would be a way to put all those hours I should be sleeping to good use?

I'm loving...that summer concert tickets have been purchased! I got my ticket to see Sugarland in May - warmer weather and outdoor concerts cannot get here soon enough.

I'm loving...the crazzy @ss, loony b*tches on "The Bachelor." They make me feel better about myself.


  1. First I want to apologize.... because I didn't read anything in your blog post once I read about those coconut caramel fudge bars. Oh my goodness I HAVE to try those!!!! Yum yum yum it sounds amazing!!!!!

  2. How crazy is Michelle? How do you wake up with a black eye?

    And everyone just loves Emily, but I think she is boring. Plus, who gets married at 18????

  3. Those Fiber bars sound amazing! I have to get some...

  4. I, unlike MFC, read your entire post :) I am tickled PINK that the Michaels sale worked out for you! I found so much presh stuff, and I'm actually sorry I didn't get more of those bags.

    I'm also loving your trips. Well, envying them may be more accurate? I'm going BACK to Texas in April. And really...how many times does one need to visit Texas in one year? Hmph.

  5. If the *only* thing anyone gets out of this post is the tasty healthier substitute for Samoas, I will consider it my good dedd/public service announcement for the day!

  6. I love swaps too! Which ones are you doing? I got addicted with my first one, the ornament swap! Also, have fun in Vegas! It's amazing. Are you going with girlfriends?

  7. Swaps are fun! And if you walk away with a new music artists that will make the relationship worth it. But I love music.
    I want a weekend trip but can't figure out where to go.