Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WTF Wednesday

Maybe I should start a new weekly posting called WTF Wednesday...but I had such an odd experience tonight that I wanted to share this funny(ish) story with you.

I blew off something else I had on the books this evening becuase I was just feeling tired and not up to socializing. I was in need of a manicure (I Shellac, do you?) so I thought that would be my perfect treat for the evening. Luckily my nail place was pretty dead on a Wednesday evening in the middle of winter.

I was taken right away and seated at a station for my nails to soak. Back in the pedicure area were a woman and her husband getting pedicures side by side. They were late 50s/early 60s and I thought "Huh, well that's something I don't see everyday" before they later moved into the manicure area to get side by side manicures.

Then a second couple came in to get their side-by-side manicures. The woman was getting a mani as well and I heard the man (no ring, but they were clearly together) mention to the nail tech that he would also be needing a mani and....wait for it....his eyebrows done.

And because everything really happens in threes, as I was finishing up, another dude came in (this time solo) for a pedicure. I mean, I would think the pedicure business is a little slower in January...but to see three GUYS getting pedicures on a random Wednesday night in January, WTF?!?


  1. haha that's pretty odd and funny! So I've seen the shellac advertised, but don't know much about it - can you give me some detils?

  2. Is it wrong that it kind of creeps me out that men get mani/pedis? lol

  3. Haha maybe they came in BECAUSE it's so dead... less people too see them in there.

  4. Hahaha, how funny!! BFF and I get pedis TOGETHER in the SUMMER because he loves leg/feet massages, but if he ever went alone AND got his eyebrows done...that might be a red flag ;)


  5. Haha! My mom's old boss use to get a mani every two weeks. And my friend's hubby gets his eyebrows "groomed" as he calls it! Ha! I guess guys want to keep up with us women. But honestly, I prefer a simple man that clips his own nails at home. Haha!

  6. HA! thanks for your email! Glad to be of help :) Been there done it..
    As for this post. My Dad gets pedis all the time! Crazy or what!? He's freaking Army Airborne Ranger getting pedis! Brad makes fun of him all the time.

  7. DM! Totally random! Where in Arlington do you get your nails done? My sister has this great place and the massages are so good! I also like the place by the barnes and noble upstairs by tandoori nights!

    How was your visit to CHICAGO!
    Do we know each other?

  8. I go to a place up Lee Hwy a bit in Arlington, I am borderline obsessed with Shellac manis, so if you or your sis know of another great place, please do share!

    And yes...we DO know each other in real life. When I was in college, I basically wanted to be just like you and still remember you as the most, poised, polished, gracious and fabulous KD lady :)