Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday afternoon! Linking up again with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday. Even though I am feeling rather blech this week (a combo of weather, mood, mental state, work, you name it!) there are still a few things I am love-love-loving! While I may not be totally seeing the glass as half full, it is far from being half empty. And just in case you were curious, that glass is most definitely always on a coaster (pet peeve.)

I'm loving...the fact that it is already Wednesday, first and foremost. 4-day work weeks pretty much rock.

I'm loving...the show "Greek." Yes, still obsessed with this show. What I am loving about it most at the moment is that L realized there was an entire season that we did not have on DVD loan from my Mom. And that means 20 lovely episodes streaming right to my Netflix. Swoon.

I'm loving...getting organized at work. While my computer was out of commission today for about 45 minutes, I cleaned off my desk, cleared out desk drawers, organized files...I am exhausted from all my productivity.

I'm loving...bloggy friends who leave me comments and send me emails. You all make me smile, seriously. You guys are flat out fantabulous.

I'm loving...truffle popcorn. I got to try some last night for the first time. Deeeeeee-licious. Probably tastier because it was FREE. And for those readers who are in DC, do yourself a favor and take a trip to Screwtop Wine Bar in Clarendon. Love that place, never disappoints.

I'm loving...Glee Volume 4. If you do not have it yet, you have no idea what awesomeness you are missing out on. Seriously, you need it in your life. Trust me. Don't ask questions, just get your hands on a copy now. You can come back here and thank me later. I got it for my drive up to NJ this past weekend and had all but lost my voice by the time I got to my friend's apt. THAT is how much singing I did in the car ride up. And I didn't sound that bad, if I do say so myself!

And here are the three biggest LOVES for this week:
I'm loving...old friends. Between getting to see friends while I was in Chicago and a weekend drive up to NJ to celebrate another friend;'s birthday, I love that we are able to stay in each other's lives and always pick up as if no time has passed and try to go out like the crazy girls we once were in younger days.

I'm friendships that you get through old friends. My friends from college have some kick-ass friends. Girls they have known since high school (or earlier), girls that they have met through work, girls they have met when they moved to new places. All too often (or maybe I just find it to be so true here in DC) women can be too judgy/bitchy/catty towards women they don't know. But not my friends' circles of friends. They just jump right in and get to know you and soon you are all laughing and drinking and carrying on like you have known each other for years. And in both of these recent trips to NJ and Chicago, I have had such fun with these friends-of-friends. So much so that my next trip to Chicago was planned well before I left to fly back to DC last week. If any of you may be reading this, thanks for making these two trips so much F-U-N!

And what I'm loving most of my new best friend in the picture below. Words cannot express how different my life seems now that this little guy is in it. I didn't believe in love at first sight, until now.
Love. True Love.


  1. I have a macbook pro (with a bright pink case!) and I am so in love with it. It's my second mac and I'll never turn back! I get so frustrated on the occasion that I have to use a PC these days. I'd buy water if apple sold it, ha!

  2. I love Mac too! I just got an imac desktop and I simply cannot wait to plug it in. Everything APple does is so sleek and user friendly isn't it?

  3. Soooooo need to convert to Mac.

  4. Super jealous of your new computer. I only have a work laptop. I can't even get itunes on it.
    I am going to be in DC in a couple of weekends! Will be picking your brain.

  5. I just got a Mac too and cant believe I didnt make the switch sooner!

  6. Thanks for playing along!

    I just LOVE Glee too!