Friday, February 11, 2011

Alrighty, God. That wasn't what I had in mind specifically....

So yesterday I made this posting. A little plea to God to maybe ease up a bit because I was near a breaking point. I have never been a super religious person, but I know sometimes there is a feeling of peace you can get from just releasing your worries and concerns and thoughts and fears into the universe. Just letting them go and hoping the act of doing so may bring some positive things back around into your life.

So today I get a call from one of my bosses. It's bonus time. And she goes through the schpeal of how they are pleased with my work and know that I am up against some tough situations, yada, yada, yada. Then she drops a number on me that is mucho higher than I was prepared for. I mean, not retiring to the Bahamas-high. Not paying off my student loans-high. But a nice bit more than I was even hoping for in a "best case scenario" way.

So thank you, God. Thank you for this generous surprise when I was least expecting it. This was not what I had in mind when I waived my white flag yesterday, but I will sure as heck take it!

Suggestions welcome on what I should treat myself to (even though I hear the responsible Deviled Megs loud and clear telling me what I should do with my little windfall)

BUT WAIT! There's more...There are exactly TWO ways this day could get even better.
One -- I noticed today I am just one person shy of 100 followers. Who wants to be my milestone by clicking follow and making me feel 3-digit legit?
Two -- deviled Megs has a Facebook page. Maybe that's creepy...but I like it. And you should too!

A possible third way this day could get better is if McDonald's now has Shamrock Shakes available...but I think I have to wait until at least after Valentine's day for that one. Hey, you can't have everything you wish for, right? ;)


  1. How exciting!!! Put a little away for a rainy day, but then splurge with a mini vacay with some girlfriends!!

  2. Congratualtions!! This is great news!! I agree that as soon as you can splurge on a vacation to somewhere with friends (hopefully a very WARM place!)
    and another big congrats on one shy of 100! YAY!

  3. WOOHOO!! I just got a bonus too and I think I'm going to splurge and buy a new Coach bag and put the rest in savings. Congrats!

  4. I'd probably splurge on a spa day, the whole nine yards- facial, massage, mani, pedi, everything they offer! Oooh, a seaweed wrap!

  5. Didn't see yesterday post b/c I am SLAMMED at work, but was thinking of you on my way home yesterday. Hoping you have had some "pick me ups" lately. Sounds like you have!!! Congrats :) I feel very strongly that the extra amount was VERY well deserved.

    When I get a good bonus I always buy myself something really nice. If that's 25% of my bonus, then so be it. If it's 50%, that's okay. And the rest goes directly to savings (or in current circumstances...paying on my credit card). Because it is wise to be responsible, but you also have to use some of that "reward" to "reward" yourself :)

    And now you are at 101 followers!!!!!! Do I hear "giveaway"??? hahaha...

  6. That bonus makes so many things better!

    Why was yesterday such a shitty day for the two of us? When will we start to get creeped out with our similarities?

    Your package went out this morning. It should be there on Monday. If not I am sorry for ruining your Valentines day!

  7. Sweet!! That is so awesome you got such a great bonus. I would go with a spa day.
    Have a great weekend