Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Linking up with This Kind of Love for What I Love Wednesday. I know this particular Wednesday may be a bit of a stretch to find many things I am currently loving...but there is a short list worth sharing.

my hair stylist. I know, I know....I have already professed my undying love for him here on my blog. But it is worth stating again today that I just love him so very much. I was supposed to be seeing him tomorrow and was so looking forward to it. I needed that few hours of beauty therapy like you would not believe right now. But situations at work have caused me to cancel and reschedule my appointment with him not once, but twice in the last few days. And every time I cancel and rebook, I am pushing this much needed appointment off by weeks. I mean part of the reason I love him is because he is so stinking talented, and that is no secret to his clients so he books fast. And when you cancel, good luck getting in again anytime soon. So you'll realize why I nearly wept with joy when I received a Facebook message from him this morning asking if I was free this Saturday to come in. Here's where the love part comes in...he doesn't work Saturdays. He'd be going into the salon on a weekend day off to help me and my sorry @ss out. Love, love, LOVE him. I wrote him back immediately so hopefully come Saturday, I will be sitting in his chair getting my hair did. Cause both my outside and my inside needs that couple hours of beauty quiet time right now.

I'm loving...that I reached 100 followers. Amazing doesn't even begin to accurately describe how that feels. Thanks a million to everyone for their support and encouragement. Even those of you that stalk my blog and don't officially follow. Yes, including you family members who read this. Except for the Coach...still kind of creeps me out that the Coach may be reading this.

I'm loving...that I was enough of a nerd to set up a Facebook page for this here little blog. You haven't heard? Get on board with it!
I'm loving...the upcoming 3-day holiday weekend. One less day in this office?? Yes, please.

I'm loving...that I have a lot of favorite shows to watch on my DVR. I have been so busy lately that there is a lot backlogged and I am looking forward to an extra day of weekend to catch up on some TV time.

I'm loving...that the sun has been out this week and we have enjoyed some unseasonably warm temps here int he DC area. I wish it was here to stay...but I will certainly take whatever I can get right now!


  1. I'm moving to DC next month for a year and have already fretted the new hair stylist. Would you be willing to share the oh so coveted salon info? I would be forever grateful and tell him that Deviled Megs sent me.

    But I totes understand if you like to keep him to yourself. ;)

  2. I hope you get to catch up on DVR...I am doing that as we speak :) Thank goodness for modern technology!! What did we do before??

    And congrats on 100 followers!! How exciting :) Isn't it amazing to see how many people are interested in reading about our lives? Haha

    Lots of love!!