Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am in love!

With swapping! Seriously I have had such fun with swaps the past month or so. Usually a mystery package in the DC area warrants a call to Homeland Security and a building evacuation, but all of the mystery packages I have been getting lately are ridiculously fabulous.

For one swap, Hannah from Survivin on Coffee and Dreams sent me two beautiful necklaces. Hannah, if you are reading, I wore the pink one yesterday and cannot tell you how many compliments I received!

I did a few other swaps and got so many goodies. I am so sorry for not being more on top of things and posting pics on here.

But I came home today to my very special package from my own Deviled Megs swap....and nearly bounced up and down with excitement with everything in the box. MCW gets bonus points for using tissue paper to wrap things and actually writing out a card. I think I may have just shoved all her treasures in a bubble mailer. I know, I totally suck sometimes.

But just look at all my loot today!!

Pajama Pants, Lilly P photo book, round notes and notepads, heart-shaped cookie cutter set, valentines mug with Twizzlers and PB M&Ms in it (hmmm....how long will those last...probably not through tonight!), Ghirardelli chocolates, and some trident gum and a ring pop. In cherry, my favorite flavor!

MCW, you have made my day...and my whole week. Thank you!!!

***Also, flowers in this photo are from AB. Just want to give her credit or else I may get an earful about it later! :)***


  1. How beautiful! I saw alot about these swaps but I had too much going on and I wanted to give my full attention to this if I joined. Maybe someday. It sounds so fun! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Glad you're loving the necklaces!! The residents at my nursing home totally comped my socks yesterday =) One of these days I'll find time to blog about that... LOL

  3. Aww..Looks like you got allot of cute stuff! I LOVED the stuff you sent me from Life Of Meg Swap! Did my box get in to you ok?? I am worried that maybe it did not arive on time...let me know!

  4. I love prezzies!! It sounds like you are making out like a bandit :) I would love to enter a swap, but I'm not going to lie...I'm terrified I'll get busy and not get the prize out in time!!! Isn't that terrible? But it's true :(