Monday, March 7, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

I find myself in a position where I could start a number of individual posts that would likely be half-baked and sit in my drafts folder never to see the light of day (or light of screen, in this case.) OR, I could just take all my half-baked posts and compile them into one stream-of-though, loosely related post.

Guess which one I'm going to do?

Girl's Night Out Dinner I had referenced a Girl's Night Out some time ago that had been unfortunately whittled down to just a Girl's Night Dinner. This night out has been in the works for over 2 months, that is really how long it takes to find a date that would work for everyone, so I am proud of us for still holding on to the dinner reservation and making that happen. No matter, we managed to cram a lot of fun, food and drinks into that dinner. Our friend chose Zentan, a great combination of location, tasty menu, and the fact that it is the restaurant of Susur Lee from "Top Chef Masters." This same friend became a bit of a Top Chef groupie for the evening and giddily took photos with both Lee and Carla Hall, another "Top Chef" alum who happened to be dining there that evening. It was just beyond words wonderful to be able to get out of my apartment for the evening and spend time with these wonderful ladies. I also felt very lucky to be able to break my good news to them first and have friends to share my excitement with and join in a little toast. And I needed to post this item first so KS didn't think I had forgotten to post something here, since she inquired at dinner, "Is this gonna make the blog?"

Reason #1653 I wish I had more DC Friends. Just found out that Tina Fey is making a stop in DC on her very small, 5-city book tour to promote her book "Bossypants". I will still go, since I have the weird ability to do just about anything solo -- trips, movies, dinners out -- and not think it weird going by myself. But it is times like these when I wish I had more friends in the area that I could just call up or email to go to things like this. I lamented to my hair stylist at my last appointment that one of the reasons I felt I wanted to leave DC was that I didn't have a "core group" of friends in this area that I could make plans with or go out with. "You how they do in the movies and on TV", I said to him. "I know," he said, "but I think those groups of friends can only be found in movies and on TV." Sigh.

You can never have too many cupcakes. As posted last week, I managed to swing an invite to the VIP opening party for the new Sprinkles store in Georgetown. I extended my good fortune to one of my former colleagues from my previous firm. We had quite the time sampling mini cupcakes, having our champagne flutes filled and refilled, meeting Candace Nelson herself, and making sure we had a swag bag in hand when we left.

Our bag had a box containing high-end cupcake mix, bottle of Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract, recipe for their chocolate frosting, and a gift card good for a dozen cupcakes. We were then allowed to select 4-6 cupcakes to take home with us. We both looked at the person taking our order and asked, "Um...who the hell would just take 4 home and not 6?"

I think at this point I have tried all the popular cupcake joints in DC and I think Sprinkles may be my new fave. If you find yourself in Georgetown, make sure to stop in and get a Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcake. I promise you, you will come back here and thank me later!

Saying goodbye. Remember when I came on here a while back, talking about my new found obsession with the show "Greek"? Over the past two weeks, I have finally gotten all caught up - finished watching the last season on Netflix and then started tearing through the new episodes that started back in January on ABC Family. Apparently just in time for the series finale tonight. Would you all think a little less of me if I confessed I am really, really bummed that this show is ending? I even re-watched the last 2 episodes with L last night and we both wondered aloud "How are they going to wrap everything up?!?" So right now, I am on the fence about watching tonight. I don't know if I am ready to say goodbye yet to a show that has become such a FUN guilty pleasure for me. And yes, I am this stung out over a TV show. ON ABC FAMILY no less. But I refuse to watch "Secret Life of an American Teenager." I mean, I gotta draw the line somewhere.


  1. I'm so bummed Greek is ending too. LOVE that show. And I'm way too old to be watching. ;)

    Those cupcakes look delish!

  2. I haven't had a core group of friends since college to be honest.
    Maybe in Vegas but defintely not here in Charlotte. I do think they are only to be found on TV.

  3. 1. DC friend right here who will go see Tina Fey with you!!
    2. I am DEEPLY saddened about tonight's final episode :( I will be at the movies, for my free screening of WIN WIN (thanks!!!) so the finale will have to wait until another day... but at least Cappie will be on Parenthood - soon I hope!!

  4. oooh sprinkles in DC ? I need to go there next time I get up to DC.

    I feel ya on the core group of friends thing, maybe it would help if I was coupled off, but I don't have a core group and wish I did.

  5. There are very few places that I won't go alone - it doesn't bother me for some reason. I'm with you on the core group of friends, it's a hard thing to find, especially when I'm looking for friends close to home. Forty-five minutes isn't quite a great meet spontaneously distance.

  6. I too don't mind going to things by myself, but I do feel a little self-conscious. As a result, I'm the girl pretending to be on her phone and getting canceled on by her friend moments after purchasing her movie ticket.

    A little nutso? Probably. But I'd rather be characterized as a loony than a loner, which probably says more about me than I'd like... Oh well. :)

    The cupcakes look scrumptious, by the way! Next time I find myself in DC, I have a new place to visit!