Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Signs that the economy may be rebounding?

The location of my office in DC is pretty high-traffic for panhandlers. (Do people still use that term?? I feel like I just sounded like someone from the 1940's using that word.) Many choose to target the CVS, asking people as they enter and exit the store for money.

Except for one guy....he asks people if they will buy him a Vitamin Water. Doesn't want spare change...doesn't even want a regular bottle of water. No, he would specifically like a bottle of Vitamin Water, please.

Another man frequent a corner by my office, right before you would cross the street to the Metro. He asks every day for "Quarters....dimes....nickels..." No pennies. He doesn't want your pennies.

Maybe these are some early signs that the economy is on it's way back up? Or at least signs that in DC, beggars actually can be choosers.


  1. here's hoping!! i need this economy to turn around YESTERDAY!

  2. hahaha...that Vitamin Water story is going to be told again, and again, and again. By me! Awesome.

  3. Haha - gotta love DC homeless persuasion. The guy near my office tries to sing to people for a turkey sandwich. Turkey only. Lean meats!

  4. I love it! St. Patty's day last year a homeless guy asked me to buy him Chinese food. I was like really? There isn't even a Chinese food place near here!