Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The only good thing about coming back from vacation...

...is sleeping in my own bed. Coming back to the office today? Not the same kind of warm and fuzzy feeling. It has actually managed to suck even more than I anticipated. Which I didn't think was even possible.

"How bad is that?" you ask.

Well let's just say, if I had bought a bag of jellybeans to include in a package I was going to mail to a friend, today was so bad I would have just ripped the bag open and eaten half of it.

Which, as you can imagine, means I can check "eat half a bag of jellybeans" off of my TO DO list for today. Boy, do I feel accomplished!


  1. Good work! I have managed to eat about 10 brownies. But, they were cut into 3rds so I thought the calories didn't count, but I kind of think they must.

  2. I always feel better about anything that is cut into smaller pieces. Or in this case, is the size of a jellybean. The jelly beans today reminded me of your laffy taffy though!

  3. Mmm... this post made me sleepy with all this talk of beds and jellybeans!

  4. oh sorry hear to work sucked. I stress eat cadbury mini eggs that I stockpile in my freezer.

  5. Totally agree! Nothing like the "sleeping in your own bed" feeling.


  6. Isn't that the truth? About sleeping in your own bed. There is nothing like it :)

    Sorry about the jelly bean fiasco. And work sucking. Grrr...

  7. after my accident yesterday all i have wanted is candy.
    i hope the rest of the week is btter