Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tonight is the night

Tonight is a very big night. Not for me, but for the Coach (AKA my Dad.)

I posted back in December that one of the high points of the Christmas holiday for me was seeing how excited my dad got when he opened his gift from me, two tickets to see comedian Jeff Dunham.

Again, this guy is not really my cup of tea, but the Coach laughs SO hard over this guy, that he gets tears in his eyes. I'll be cheesy for a moment and say the best part of this craptastic day at work (coupled with the miserable rain here in DC today) was remembering that Coach was going to his comedy show tonight and thinking about how excited he must be.

Actually, to be honest, it would be kinda hard for me to forget he is going to the show, because I have gotten numerous texts, emails, and gchat messages these last two weeks from the Coach reminding me that the show was coming up. He gchatted me today to let me know he would tell Achmed (one of the puppet characters) I said hello. Hmmm...I wonder if he knows Achmed is really a puppet after all?

So I will be anxiously awaiting the Coach's report from his big evening out. Is it terribly sad that my Dad is the one with fun evening plans and I will be the one working late and then heading home to do laundry?


  1. I gave you an award go check it out x

  2. exciting!! I remember when you told us that you bought those tix for him :) Fun times!

  3. SO SWEET. Your dad sounds adorable and I'm sure he'll love the show tonight (and think of his daughter!).

  4. We love Dunham. One of our favorite date nights is to go to live comedy. We saw Dunham live - it was great!

  5. I've seen him twice, and loved both shows! :o)

  6. He is not my cup of tea either. My bestie & her hubs went when he was here in the summer and I had baby-sitting duties.
    I hope he enjoyed the show