Friday, March 11, 2011

But...I guess at least it's Friday??

I stayed a bit later at work last night to make sure things were taken care of as best they could be and had my work blackberry with me at all times when I got home last night. That's one thing I can say that isn't a lie...I never sleep alone. I always have my blackberry in bed with me. Oh and of course, my beloved James Franco!

I woke up this morning feeling ok, I mean at least it was Friday. Checking in on blackberry first thing when I got up, being responsive, trying to appropriately "manage expectations", running around all morning like a crazy person, leaving a meeting to go back to my PC to attach a PDF to an email for someone else to send (when yes, they had copies of both the email and the PDF themselves)...only to have the first few calm minutes at my desk all day be ruined by a phone call from a partner. A call to berate me because he thinks the cupcakes we had delivered to a meeting today were "rancid" and he will likely be sick. Five minutes he spent on the phone with me giving me the what-for. Over cupcakes. CUPCAKES.

And I took it. What else was there for me to do.

As I hung up that phone, I felt that tickle in the back of my throat again. I could feel those five letters rising up, scarily close to the surface.


Now, call me an English major nerd but I will never cease to be amazed by the power of language. That you could just string together FIVE little letters like that -- TWO FREAKING SYLLABLES -- that can convey so much. So much stress, so much weariness, so much defeat. So much anger, so much discontent. So tired, so beaten down. So much.

But, I guess at least it's Friday??


  1. I've had that same "tickle" all week. All month. All year. I just can't find a replacement job. Stupid economy...

    Have a great weekend though! Relax and treat yourself!

  2. Yes, it is FRIDAY. Thank goodness! Although I will be working on a major deadline all weekend, I'm thrilled that it's at least something I get to do from home (and in my jammies!). This week has been a long one . . . and to wake up to such tragic news this morning certainly made it more rough.

    Have a cocktail! :)

  3. Live it up this weekend!!!!

  4. I have had the tickle a lot lately too