Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And miles to go before I sleep

Oh so very tired. The trip last weekend (you know...the one I still have to post about, haha) took a lot out of me. Then this 2-day trip to San Fran with 7am flights has really kicked my butt. Right now I am on a plane, but have no freaking clue, what time it is, where we are (over Missouri I think...), what time I land, or which end is up. And I'm kinda hungry...but not sure what meal I am on for today :)

Have missed writing here but have missed reading my favorite blogs even more. I foresee a very low-key weekend in my future with sleeping in and reading and laundry. The extent of my "wild and crazy" for the weekend will be a 1 year-old's birthday party.

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