Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thanks, Karma

As a show of the universe attempting to right a wrong, I was rewarded for enduring yesterday's workplace hostility with a row all to my self on my flight out to San Francisco. SO wonderful and SO appreciated.

And if anyone is curious, it only takes me about 20-25 min to get to Dulles Airport. I attribute this to my Nascar-stlye driving skills and the fact that there are pretty much no other cars on the road at 5am.

And I have no idea why random photo bucket images are showing up on my post since I was not attempting to post any photos...I will just blame the wacky in-flight internet, but if someone has another explanation, feel free to enlighten me.


  1. Hmm...I think it has something to do with my page layout...

  2. enjoy the trip. wow! what luck having a row to yourself.