Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can you help?

If anyone out there may be tech-savvy or has a similar experience/problem with blogger and pointing to a custom domain PLEASE contact me by direct message. I have had SO many problems, headaches and phone calls over the past day it is all becoming a blur. I am starting to get worried that something I have worked so hard for could be totally FUBAR.

Every so often, my page somehow gets redirected to this bogus site

Everything is configured correctly on the publishing tab on my dashboard, it just gets pointed to some screwed up/weird looking page. That I own the domain name for.


  1. My very nice computer geek fiance is taking a look into it right now for you. I'll let you know if he gets to the bottom of it!

  2. not this girl. i am tech UNsavvy. but i'll pout with you. because that is so annoying :(