Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's the little things

I've always been a person who appreciates (or at the very least tries very hard to!) some of the smallest, littlest things in life. I think Coach may have told me long ago that it was a very Irish trait. I also think Coach wants to claim everything good in me is from the Irish (his) side of my family.

Regardless of how I came to possess that trait, right now I feel like noting the little things I am thankful for right now. If nothing more than to distract me from some of the very big things that are annoying/angering/upsetting/frustrating me right now.

1. I had a volunteer meeting after work yesterday and I supplied quite a few good ideas and suggestions. And I ain't just saying that, it was the consensus of the other meeting attendees. Apologies for not being too humble about it, but hey, deal with it.

2. I got my nails did this week. There is a real comfort in knowing that no matter how haywire and batsh*t crazy things may go, I can look down and see perfectly done nails. I *think* that may have been some of the reasoning behind why my Gram always had her nails painted.

3. Ditto for my hair. I had the fortune of having a visit with the best stylist ever earlier this week and no matter what has been thrown my way, and how many stresses I have been dealing with, at least I know my hair looks fabulous.

4. Very generous and thoughtful friends and readers who have been helping me with the technical glitches I have been experiencing with my domain name this week. The problem is (I am about 99% sure at this point) with one or more ISPs. So basically I am SOL for the foreseeable future and will be back with the address for a while. This makes me so sad, you have no idea, but the help I have gotten from folks the past few days has been the bright spot in all this nonsense.

5. Make sure you are entered in my very first giveaway! I think because of all the tech problems I have been having, it would be best to extend the "deadline" so feel free to post your comments/entries until Monday, May 9th.

6. Thursday ain't as good as Friday, but at least it is one step closer than Wednesday!

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