Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chivalry is totally dead...or is it?

Yesterday, I had to run out of the office to head to an appointment. Luckily a train arrived just as I made it down to the metro platform, so I figured God was giving me a little help to get to where I needed to go in time. Thanks, Big Guy.

While the train wasn't terribly crowded, there weren't any available seats when I boarded. No big deal. A few stops later, a seat did open up right next to where I was standing. What luck! As I made my way to sit down, I was literally shoved out of the way by some guy so he could take the seat. Really? REALLY?!?

My jaw dropped, I honestly could not believe it. Not so much that I thought that I should get the privilege of sitting down because I am some delicate flower of a girl. I know that is far from being an accurate description of me. had this guy been closer to the seat, and started to move towards it when it became free, I wouldn't have even attempted to claim it. But I could not get over that he felt it was completely acceptable and appropriate behavior to hurry over and push me out of the way so he could take a load off and sit down.

Still a bit in shock, I got off the metro about 10 min later. Looking at my watch, I got worried I would be cutting it too close for comfort in trying to get to my appointment in time. I had parked my car at a garage that morning and ran into the building's lobby. Seeing an open elevator door, I picked up the pace and hurled myself onto the elevator. There was a kind man smiling holding the "open door" button so I could get on safely. As if that wasn't nice enough, after I frantically pushed the button for P3, he said "Oh I needed to go up; that's OK, you go ahead and take this one", and he exited the elevator.

"Sorry! Thank you!" I called back to him as the doors closed.

So in the span of about 30 or 40 minutes, I got to see both ends of the chivalry spectrum. Glad to see it isn't totally a dead practice.


  1. Chivalry is not dead for all...just a few a$$es out there who don't know any better.

  2. Ugh, what a jerk! I hate people like that. I also hate when people can't seem to hold a door for you even though you're about 2 steps behind them. I'm generally a nice person but whenever people do that to me I make a point to say THANK YOU really loud. Hey, they were rude first, right? haha

  3. This is why I hate public transport people can be so greedy! There are some good guys still out there though. I think chivalry has become more rare because I'm always taken back when a guy actually gives up his seat for me

  4. I'm always amazed by the dudes that will knock a woman, an elderly person, whomever, over to get a seat on the train or bus. It drives me INSANE!

  5. I find that the metro makes me both love and hate humanity. The evils in the human spirit are shown in: pole leaners, people who don't give up their seats to pregnant women, and teenagers who play hard core rap on their phones without headphones. The good in people: people who give tourists directions, people who clear out of the way just as the doors are closing so they can make room for you even though it's crowded, and people who let you make funny faces at their cute babies.

  6. That is crappy for that guy to do it. I feel sorry for whatever woman ends up with him.