Monday, April 4, 2011

The Seven Year Itch

So I think I may have figured out what all of my restlessness has been about lately. well maybe not entirely, but a part of it. I just passed my 7 year anniversary of moving here. And while I have lived in a few different houses/apartments in that time period, it has been SEVEN years. Which is longer than I have lived anywhere outside of where I grew up.

And while I am not sure if here is the place I am supposed to stay...for today I am just going to take a little look back about all I have been through and accomplished in those seven years. Cause TRUST ME, there has been A LOT. Maybe I need to put on a white dress and find a steam grate later a la Marilyn?


  1. I think the white dress and grate are a good idea. And you may pick up a cutie while you are at it.

  2. Next month I will have lived in Charlotte for 10-years! OMG! The only place I lived any longer in one stretch was Baton Rouge for 11-years!

  3. I have been in Memphis 9 years. So crazy to believe it has been that long

  4. Really love your blog, I just found it and it is super cute. I love your signature at the end of your posts!

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