Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How much are you worth?

So I never got to do my intended post on my lovely out of town girls' weekend...I am so far behind on things I WANT to post and seem to only be posting things that crop up (and piss me off/upset me) in my day to day. I was lucky enough to spend a lovely weekend in Nashville with some truly lovely ladies, one of which was celebrating her birthday. If you have never been to Nashville...you MUST go. I had so, so much fun and am already trying to plot out when I can go back.

There was so much drinking and eating laughing over the course of that short weekend. WAY overdue for this stressed out chica. So many funny stories that I don't think I have permission to share here. Trust me, you have literally NO idea how much I want to!!

But there is one that I think I can safely share...

Homey C and I went out for some late night food after the bars closed on Saturday night. [side note...I am just gonna call her Homey C here for fun. We met back in college and it turned out we are from the same area in PA and know lots of the same people from home. And we root for the same sports teams, and that's pretty handy.]

Anyway...so we are out at some happening late night spot. And "happening" in Nashville means they have tater tots. As drunk girls are wont to do, we start chatting up people in line with us. One sweet southern boy seemed very taken with us and suggested we grab a table with him and his friend to all enjoy our late night snacks together. You know what, I am gonna be honest with you. This isn't really a pivotal plot point to the story. I really just wanted to let you all know that the sweet southern boy thought I was 27. Um, am I sensing a theme here? Seems my out-of-town/vacation age is averaging about 26. So basically I should remain constantly out-of-town or on vacation.

We did NOT go home with sweet southern boy and his friend (and trust me, they invited us), but instead headed back to the hotel to put ourselves to bed. It's probably around 4am and Nashville is pretty darn quiet and peaceful as we stumble/stroll home. That is, until some guy pops up from out of nowhere and starts following us. We were super close to the hotel, so I wasn't too worried. Besides, Homey C and I grew up in the mean, rough-and-tumble streets of Delco, located *just* outside of Philly.

He was harmless enough, just following behind us and trying to chat us up. At least he was at first...then he started talking about where he was from and how wealthy and important his family was. Trying to impress us, I assume.

And then, he goes one better to top these alluring, swoon-inducing remarks. He casually lets us know, "I'll pay a thousand dollars for you two ladies."

My mouth was agape and I grabbed Homey C's arm. She seemed unfazed by his low-budget proposition. By the time I let her know what she had missed, he had finally stopped following in our footsteps and we were just about at the hotel. And Homey C told me, "That's crazy. We should at least get a thousand each."

I am so lucky to have a friend like Homey C to remind me exactly how much I am worth :) On a more serious note, I am really thankful and lucky to have had a chance to sort of "rekindle" my friendship with her. We got back in touch after many years and I now consider her such a great friend...always there to laugh with over the weirdos we come across on match.com and comment on the horrible reality TV shows we watch. Sadly, we have to do all of this by text and email since we don't live in the same area.

Homey C, if you happen to be reading this, there is no one I would rather stay in with on a Saturday night to drink wine, watch a Lifetime made-for-tv movie, and make homemade jewelry with :)


  1. OMG. That is great. You are def worth more the 1000k. You should have bartered with him to see how high he would go.

  2. Wait...if this guy's family is so fancy why is he out at 4 am soliciting women who are obviously NOT hookers? And giving his name and life story? That is a hilarious story!

  3. I have a Homey C, and I wouldn't trade her for the world :) Isn't is great to have someone that is so easy and fun to be with?

    I also am guessed at much younger out of town. That used to always bother me, but now I rather enjoy it!

    And 1K? Please! Nice girls haven't "hooked" for that since Pretty Woman was a new release :-o

  4. I love those weekends!! I have one coming up in June and cannot wait!! Oh, and I totes need to make it out to NashVegas!!

  5. OMG!! I agree with Homey C you are each worth at least $1000/piece. Glad he didn't try anything with y'all.