Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just 8 more to go! I'm thinking giveaway....

I WILL make it to my 40 Posts in 40 Days this year! This here post is #32, so just 8 more to get in before Sunday.

So you may be seeing a couple posts from me per day -- you know, to make up for those days (likely tomorrow) when my day will be so miserable and crazed I will barely get a free minute to use the ladies room.

I cannot promise these posts will be funny. Or good. Or even make any sense.

But I WILL have 8 more posts before Sunday. You can count on that.

So if I make it through 8 moreposts before Sunday (which I WILL do, see above) I am thinking it's a good time to celebrate that feat with a wonderful giveaway. Who's with me??


  1. Go for it! I can barely think of things to say daily!

  2. Can't wait! Have a wonderful Tuesday sweetie! Kori xoxo