Friday, April 29, 2011

Lunch for Breakfast

No, this is not as fun as having Breakfast for Dinner (I love those nights!)

Lunch for Breakfast took place for the first time for me today. I, just like many at my office, keep items in the fridge and freezer here at work. We have at least one located on my floor. It's a large size and can more than adequately hold people's food. This week I had given these SmartOnes a try for breakfast. Quite tasty, FYI.

There are 2 servings in each box. I had one serving for breakfast the other day which means...let me grab my calculator...there should be one serving left. That I planned to have for breakfast today.


SHOULD have been ONE serving left. But when I went to the freezer I found NO servings left. To add insult to injury, someone didn't just eat my other delicious breakfast treat. They -- hang on to your hats -- left the empty box for me. How sweet!! So not only are you so rude and thoughtless that you stole someone else's food, you were also too lazy to throw away the empty box.

If you are keeping score, this is example number 1,653 of how utterly AH-mazing my office is.

With a grumbling tummy, I made due and heated up the lean cuisine I was going to have for lunch and ate it for breakfast. Not exactly what I was in the mood for, but whatevs. Now that I am sans-lunch, I think I see a trip to Chop't in my future today....


  1. left the empty box. WHAT is WRONG with PEOPLE? ugh. it wasn't me. i hate eggs.

  2. Up side of the get Chop't for lunch :)

    But seriously, that's totally annoying that someone takes your food. Grr..

  3. Just like Summer I am currently having an egg aversion...Who would do that? I mean, what if you walked in and saw them eating it? Did they take it home and heat it up?

  4. That is crappy but it happens all the time in offices all over this country.

  5. What is wrong with people?! Sooo rude!

  6. WOW! Had you labeled it with your name? Not that if you didn't, that makes it any less crappy and rude, but sometimes people might see unlabeled food as free game... but they still suck.

  7. We had an office thief at my last job, too. Or, lunch thief, as it were. People would find their tupperware containers suddenly empty. Their frozen meals seemingly vanished. This was on graveyard, so only a few fast food places would be open at 3am for our "lunch". Turns out we finally found that it was a courier who was stealing people's food.

    If you didn't bring it, don't effing eat it. It's a very easy rule to follow, but for some reason, some people just can't seem to comprehend it.

  8. Boooo. People are mean. In college, I was in a dorm that was down the hall from a fraternity. I used to write things on my food like "Ebola". I once watched them take out my thing of ice cream, laugh and put it back. Can't rgue with the logic of putting infectious disease names on your food. It scares people!

  9. You know what? Somebody at the Barber Shop in Belle View shopping center just got KILLED for this. Seriously... disgruntled former employee came back and shot a guy for that. You just NEVER know with people - why risk it?! Buy your own stinkin' food, people!