Thursday, May 12, 2011

DeviledMegs don't play that

Oh work - why must you keep coming up with new and creative ways to totally and utterly suck?!?

I put up with a lot of craziness around here. Some of it is the nature of the beast and some of it is just people acting like beasts. Too tired to argue about which is which anymore.

But some things need to stop. Like, pronto. Continuing to refer to the two days over the weekend as time that can be devoted to work is not okay. Telling me today that I have "a whole week" to get something done by next Thursday morning is not at all accurate. I have 4.5 work days, at most given the time this needs to be done by next Th.

This is aside from the fact that I have an approved vacation day on Monday (so, for argument's sake that would knock it down to 3.5 days), then have to work all day in another city for an event on Tuesday (won't say the whole day is a wash, but I would only say I could use .5 of it for something OTHER than said event), so now we're down to 3 days. Carting myself back from the other city (which happens to be on the other side of the country) will take away my entire Wednesday, so now we're at about 2 days, tops.

And 2 days would be plenty. You know, if I didn't have everything else going on and nothing else NEW gets piled on me in that time frame.

I hate complaining about work, I really do. One, because I know there are people out of work who would love to have a job to complain about. Two, because I am fairly certain I must sound like an annoying broken record, and I hate that.

But I am just so GD tired, and don't know how to fix any of this any more. I would love a few days of vacation time, even if I was just sitting at home in my apartment, just to be able to clear my head and mentally take a break. But given my work's attitude towards the weekends, I am sure it isn't a surprise that vacation time isn't really viewed as "time off" from work around these parts. To be fair, they don't say that outright, but the fact that I usually sleep with my work blackberry should give you some insight into the level of accessibility and responsiveness that is expected of me.

The cherry on my sundae of today is that the super-secret job that I was moving heaven and earth to interview for, was seriously willing and ready to take a huge pay cut to accept, is now on hold for filling the position with no idea when (I daresay IF) they may make a hiring decision. It's funny how one thing that wasn't even a certainty can give you so much hope and how low you can feel once that light of hope is extinguished.

And for anyone who would dare ask what I am doing writing a little blog post about it all when I could have been working and trying to lessen the load...the 20 or so minutes I just spent doing this was much needed therapy. To soothe and calm myself so I didn't just lose all composure and shoot off an email with those five powerful letters.

Because on days like today, I feel like it's something I could see myself doing.


  1. I've had such a similar work day today. It's the end of the school year and I was just telling another teacher that frankly, I just don't really care anymore. Which is a horrible thing for a teacher to say. Ugh.

    I hope the weekend provides you some sort of break, though!

  2. oh goodness... again! it seems like you are always getting the brunt of everything at work! please please please keep those five little letters inside your brain until you have something else lined up!