Monday, May 2, 2011

Should I be concerned?

Several times over the past few months, when I have had to talk to my boss about something -- and actually SPEAK on the phone, not email -- he asks if I am giving my notice. I honestly am at the point where I can't tell if he is joking around or thinks it is something he might be genuinely concerned about.

And I don't know if I should be concerned. I know that I feel like I may be at the place where I am just too tired/burnt out/frustrated to care at this point. So mayhaps this means that they are all really well *aware* of how long/hard some of us work....but just not enough to do anything about it?


  1. Do you think he knows about your blog?

  2. I actually don't. I don't think he would ever think about such things nor find it. I know that statement may cause a number of people to think I am a complete and utter fool, but I have read so many cautionary tales of blogs gone bad that I have tried to take every step to keep this as hidden/under the radar as possible.

    I really do think those in charge know just how overworked some in the department are and maybe wouldn't be shocked if they decided to leave...since clearly nothing is/will be getting better any time soon.

  3. What about if the next time he asks that saying "why do you keep asking me if I'm giving my notice?". It doesn't seem like it would be out of place to ask, since he keeps asking. Or would that be uncomfortable? At least then you would hear from his mouth "well, because you seem unhappy/frustrated/overworked, etc."

    Has he asked anyone else that if they speak on the phone?

  4. No idea...there are only 3 others with my job/role in the department and they are all in different offices. Actually ALL of my department is in other offices except for me and one other person here in DC. I honestly think it is a joke that he keeps making partly because he knows that there is a chance it might be true. I was sick a few times back in the winter (stomach bug I could not shake) and he asked me flat out if I was internviewing.

    Hmmm....maybe he is just paranoid??