Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This isn't what I ordered...

I recently treated myself to a little online shopping. Well, "treating" sort of implies that it doesn't happen very often...which it does. Online shopping is a huge downfall for me. I once gave it up for Lent and think it was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

I digress...

I had some coupon in my desk drawer for the Limited and decided I'd take a peek at their sale section. Found some pants for work, 2 scarves (why I need scarves just in time for summer, I have no idea) and 2 super-cute pairs of ballet flats. I wear out ballet flats like nobody's business.

Friday I walked up the stairs to my apartment to see a H-U-G-E brown box from the Limited, along with two smaller boxes, one FedEx and one plain brown. Again, I have problems with online shopping. The size of that large box seemed a little odd to me, but then I figured I did buy two pairs of shoes, maybe they were both in boxes inside that huge box? That would make sense.

Lugged the boxes inside and obviously went to open the big one first. And inside was...well...

In case you can't tell, that's a wedding dress. A short one, yes, but the tag on it notes it is part of their bridal collection. The box was addressed to me...and the packing slip on the inside said it should have been one of my pairs of flats. But no. The Limited sent me a freaking wedding dress. Most of my order was in the other two boxes, but missing that one pair of ballet flats. The pair they decided not to send me and sent me a freaking wedding dress instead.

Since I didn't get around to it over the weekend, tonight will have me driving to the mall to send this little white thing back from where she came. I have to imagine it is bad karma to have a wedding dress in one's possession without actually being engaged.

Actually, I just went and stuck the big box in the trunk of my car to get it out of the apartment. It was creeping me out just knowing what was in there.


  1. I had no idea The Limited had a Bridal Collection? I'll bet you almost died. That thing is ugly :(

  2. I bet you almost died too! I sent you a inbox FB message the other night while out in A-town. I have a guy you need to go out with! It's one of the ones you said you saw on Match.
    Email me! he's cute and nice and interested! I showed him your pic :)

  3. One - When did the Limited start selling wedding dresses and who the hell is buying them?

    Two - I may have burned it and sucked up the cost.

    Three - Intrigued by Dee's comment :)

  4. HAHA. That is ridiculous. Bad, because you didn't get your flats. But good, because it's ridiculous to think that someone in the warehouse read "flats" and grabbed...that.

  5. Um...let's discuss the bad karma that might come from wearing that horrible dress on your wedding day. Trah-ay! Ha.

  6. Haha! Whoops, someone didn't read your order right!

  7. wow -- a wedding dress. that isn't even that pretty!!
    glad you put it in your car -- that has got to be some bad juju or something1

  8. Omg!
    I have no idea what I would do in that situation.
    But part of me thinks that you should keep it.. sell it on ebay it probably cost more then your flats.


  9. OMG
    Too funny I would have died.
    Hopefully, you got your flats.

    PS: Enjoy Tucson. and Yes you are right it will be about 115 in the shade. I live in Chandler (outside of Phx) and its been brutal.