Monday, July 11, 2011

And in just ONE more week

So nice to have such good things to post about recently...such a strange turn of events, don't you think? A good problem to have, for sure. Maybe I just need to ask for what I want more often, because things really started to come together after that post. Weird coincidence or the universe righting some wrongs? Either way, I'll take it!

But one week from today, I will be headed to Wrigley to cheer on my Phillies. I have never been to Wrigley (though always wanted to go) and the fact that I also get to see the Phillies is an amazing bonus.

I will be flying out to Chicago bright and early on Saturday morning. Will probably feel like a million bucks solely for the fact that this Friday is my last day at the law firm. The weekend will be filled with fun friends and fun times. And probably some drinks. Hopefully not as many as there were for the St. Patrick's day Chicago trip because I may not be able to recover from THAT much fun again. Although I AM looking forward to hopefully being a much younger "vacation age" again.

Then next Tuesday morning, one of my good friends is saying goodbye to the Windy City and I am roadtripping it back to DC with her. While I know she is sad to leave her Chi-town friends (and I am sad to have one less couch to sleep on when I visit Chicago!), I would be lying if I said I wasn't super, ridiculously excited to have her here in DC to hang out with. When you have a wonderful friend like this, you want to be able to hang out with her more often, right?

Anyone have any good roadtripping tips or stories to share? Not gonna lie...I am a teensy bit nervous since I get completely bored and antsy on car rides over 1.5-2hrs. I wonder if I forgot to mention that to her..... :)


  1. I saw a game in Wrigley once about 6-years ago. It was a blast! The bars were packed! We went to the Cubby Bear and one other bar.
    As for road you all have time to stop on the way and sight see?

  2. Yes, definitely stopping along the way as we don't really need to be back in DC until sometime on Friday. Thinkins about a trip to Cedar Point Amusement park for starters

  3. So exciting that you have a new job and a new friend to play with!

  4. Yay for exciting changes!! The key to fun roadtrips is great music, silly games, good girl talk, fun snacks and quirky stops along the way. Visit those balls of twine and giant boots. You'll never regret taste testing "world famous" pies either!