Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here I Am...I'm Here!

Only, I am not quite sure where "here" is these days. I've been either coming or going for weeks now without ever really staying put for more than a few days. And while I have enjoyed all the fun trips and the nights out and all of it...well...I am ready to settle down.

I know the one thing stressing me out and keeping me from feeling settled at the moment is that I am still trying to get the swing of things at the new job. Don't get me wrong, I know that things are going to be good eventually. But for right now? I don't know who to ask for what. And that's if I even know enough to know what to ask for. Does that make sense? There is not a whole lot of training associated with the position - and that's fine, I am more than used to just being thrown in and having to figure things out. But for whatever reasons, I seem to be struggling with the figuring it out part. Or maybe I am just so used to my other job and the stresses and pressure involved that given anything else, I am not quite sure how to react?

Outside of the lack of feeling settled at work, I don't really feel settled at home either. The past month has felt like a constant cycle of laundry, packing and unpacking. If it wasn't for a trip then it was packing for or unpacking from staying at MVP's house. And trust me, I know these are high-class problems to have -- fun trips with friends and having sleepovers at a boy's house. But the thing is, I tend to get stressed out over this kind of thing. Trust me, I know that that is a little cuckoo.

Right now the trouble is, I really have time to truly settle down. I have parents coming to visit this weekend (yes, Coach and my mom and coming to meet MVP), my sorority chapter advisor obligations kicking in with the start of the fall semester, fundraising for a charity drive, and the start of my new member year for Junior League. I took some time today to note everything on my calendar and feel tired thinking about it all. I mean I am just one person and I am most definitely not all that important. Can it really be this troublesome and exhausting to manage it all?

I have tried things here and there to get myself on track or at least a little better organized. For example, I have a second set of toiletries and such over at MVP's house so I never need to worry about packing it when I am going to stay there. I am also thinking about organizing myself to the point where I plan out my clothes for work for the whole week on Sunday night, the same way I try to plan out my meals. Hoping that will save me time (and more importantly stress) when getting ready in the mornings.

I am also thinking I need to do a serious PURGE of extra crap from my life. I did a sort of top-line trim of my closet a few weeks back and just doing that once over yielded about 2.5-3 garbage bags full of clothes, shoes and purses to donate.

Anyone else have tips or strategies to share of what I can do do consolidate, streamline, and make sure all the trains are running on time in my life?


  1. I'm in the same cycle as you. Home one week, gone the next, maybe home for 10 hours, then gone again. It's fun to get away, but the normalcy of routine keeps me sane. And let me tell you, I'm a little cuckoo, too. I even had to take a half-day because I knew getting ready for a weekend trip was starting to trip me out that I wouldn't work.

    Here's to a great weekend! Here's to us getting in a groove, even if that groove is a packing regimen a la Up In the Air. Here's to getting settled at work. Here's to you and me. OK, I needed that. Thanks.

  2. Ah..I think the cooler weather has me organizing and purging. I made a commitment to get rid of one bag of stuff every day last week. I feel a lot more empowered without so much clutter!