Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday -- BlogHer edition

I am so so very far behind on posting things that I want, nay, NEED to write about (um...BlogHer 2011!), but in the interest of posting something on this neglected little corner of the Internet, I am linking up with This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday. Some of these "likes" may be BlogHer influenced. Ok, maybe all of them are. Whatevs.

I'm loving...that I made a real life FRIEND at BlogHer. She is wonderful and fabulous and all importantly, hilarious. She blogs over at Internet Therapy and you should totes read her. Well, not right NOW. At least wait until you've finished this here post. Where are your manners?

I'm loving... the free stuff I got at BlogHer. I'll admit it - I'm a whore for free sh*t. I took things I didn't even need let alone want. Like baby/child related products. Just because they were free. Clearly I have issues. But I did score TWO of these Temperpedic Travel pillows. It's like a little bean shaped slice of heaven.

I'm loving... that I got to spend time with one of my besties while out in San Diego. I love staying with her because she cooks me tasty meals we can always fall comfortably back into our face-to-face friendship as if no time has passed since the last time we saw one another. We can talk about pretty much anything and are usually really blunt with one another. She used to be a voice of questionable decision making back when we were in college, but has matured into a voice of reason I can trust. And yes, she feeds me well.

I'm loving...that I had someone to pick me up from the airport. Doesn't that always make you feel a little better about coming home? Dealing with a surly cabbie or one of those Nascar-driver-wannabes from SuperShuttle is the last thing I need when a trip is coming to a close.

I'm loving...that it was MVP who picked me up from the airport. And that he got my over sized bag off the luggage carousel for me. And brought me a sandwich from my favorite, Taylor Gourmet. And just the fact that he missed me. It felt nice to be missed.

OK so clearly you can see that BlogHer made me a little warm and fuzzy around the edges. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I do vow to get a better posting up about it really soon!


  1. Um, I'm speechless? No one has ever written about me in that way. OK, no one has written about me ever but that's beside the point. You were my favorite part of BlogHer and I will be writing about you as well very shortly. I am forever indebted to you...

    and please note my incorrect use of ellipsis there.

  2. I want a bean pillow.

    And MVP is the nicest boy in the whole entire world. ha.

  3. I believe that everyone should have a bean pillow. And someone as sweet as MVP. And blatantly misuse ellipses.......

  4. I have a tempur pedic travel pillow and it's so awesome that I take it in the car on road trips! Can't wait to hear more about MVP!!

  5. I'm a whore for free sh*t too--no shame in that!! :)
    Glad you had a good time!

  6. I LOVE those tempur pedic travel pillows! I cannot travel without mine. And Taylor has my fave sandwiches in DC right now.

  7. so jealous of your tempur-pedic travel pillow!!

  8. I'm loving this blog and that I had a chance to meet you and Morgan--two hilarious ladies. Keep an eye out for a shout out from

  9. I'm loving this blog and that I had a chance to meet you and Morgan--two hilarious ladies. Keep an eye out for a shout out from

  10. Sounds like such fun! And I'm seriously intrigued by that travel pillow, I've never seen one that shape.

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  11. I am glad you had a wonderful time.