Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Rules of Dating

Just to be clear, these are the guidelines from 1938. This was shared by a friend on facebook and it made me laugh. And oh how I have felt in need of a laugh.

Some gems include:
• Never look bored, even if you are
• Don't sit in awkward positions
• Don't be don't like tears
• Don't talk about clothes or describe your new gown to a man

So basically, according to these and other rules, a 1938 Deviled Megs would have blown it with a 1938 MVP.


  1. Too funny! I wonder what might be considered an awkward sitting position?

  2. Just gave you a blogger award on my blog. Come by and check it out!
    Going the Distance

  3. oh WOW.... cracking me up.

    never be sentimental? oops.

    don't talk about clothes? double oops.