Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sticking out like a (well dressed) sore thumb

So to break up the monotony of sticking out like a sore thumb at work, tonight I am attending a black tie function. Feeling like I still may stick out a bit, but at least I will hopefully be a well dressed sore thumb. For many in DC, attending fancy functions is just another requirement for their job, or part of their oh-so-fabulous social calendar. Not me, folks. Wearing heels with jeans is about as "snazzed up" as it gets for me.

Since it is neither me nor my job that has me attending black tie events, maybe you are wondering how I ended up in this sitch. MVP has some sort of fancy awards reception that he needed to attend, and asked me to go to with him. I played it cool on the outside, but on the inside it felt like I just got asked to prom! Or, what I imagine it would have been like to be asked to prom. Sadly, I never was back in the day and had to go ask for my own dang prom date.

As my luck would have it, he asked about a day before a very well-timed Lilly P sale on Rue La La, so I was able to score this pretty party dress for a really good price.

I think it's very classic and timeless, so I could definitely get more wear out of it. The jeweled detail at the top makes it feel a bit glitzier without being too "much" for me. And you can tell from the model has POCKETS! I kind of love it so much that I may even wear it around the house for fun. Is that bad?

The good news is, I was also able to find some gold heels on an ideeli shoe sale (I may have a slight problem with online shopping. They make me reeeeeeally tall, but aren't terribly uncomfortable. I just remembered that I have yet to scuff the soles of them, so I need to add that to my "to do" list when I get home later today.

The bad news is, the pretty gold purse I ordered from Zappos has not arrived yet. I ordered it at the end of last week and have never had anything taken more than 2 days to arrive from Zappos. I thought for sure that box would be waiting for me when I got home last night and was so sad not to see it. I called Zappos who informed me that they had had some sort of system upgrade over the weekend that affected some of their shipments. Unfortunately mine was one of them. But not to worry, they showed that the package should be delivered....on FRIDAY. I expressed my disappointment as I had ordered the item for a very special event happening on THURSDAY night. The customer service rep felt so bad about it, she issued me a $30 credit towards my next Zappos order. While bummed not to have my pretty new gold purse for tonight, I have a boring black one I can use, so it's not a total loss. And I will happily use that Zappos credit in the near future, I am sure!

So not to sound like a total girly geek about it, but I am a little excited to go home and attempt to do my hair (no idea how to do that though...thoughts?)and makeup (I am better with the makeup part of things) and just enjoy playing dress up and feeling pretty. It may be just the break from all the crap-o-la I have been slogging through lately. Now to just get through a super hellatious day of work first....


  1. That dress is so pretty and the shoes are absolutely fabulous!! You are going to look radiantly beautiful!! Have a great time!

  2. That is so fun! Very jealous. I never get dressed up except for weddings!

  3. That dress is gorg! I hope you have a ton of fun tonight! (I have no advice on the hair front, as I never know what to do with mine either!)

  4. Gorgeous dress. Have a wonderful time! My hair looks the same each and every day. I have no talent in that department and my only advice is get a blowout at the salon??? Good luck!

  5. How fun! I love getting dressed up! It's my thing! You should attempt to wear some false eyelashes! They always make one look more 'dressy'.
    Maybe go to make?

  6. you are going to look SO GREAT!

    and congrats on the zappos credit.

  7. So LOVE the dress and heels!! To quote Rachel Zoe, I die.

  8. SHUT UP! I didn't get asked to prom either!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about you playing dress up! Hope you were able to walk in your hooker shoes.

  9. love the dress.
    I wish i had one of those jobs that you had to go to fancy events for, instead I wear a polo to work.
    i'm making it a goal of mine to go to one.