Thursday, September 29, 2011

Freaking's what I do best!

I have so neglected this blog lately. I've been trying to keep up with some of my blog reading when I can, but I have missed writing here so much. There has just been so much to be done lately. Work is....well, total insanity most days. And not in a great way. I am trying to remember to breathe and take it one day at a time. Sometimes one HOUR at a time. And keep on, keepin' on.

But it has caused me a ton of stress. And that on-the-job stress has slowly bled out into my out-of-work life. I'm still feeling like I am running around like a crazy person and generally freaking out over something or another. I can't seem to get myself to maintain any semblance of calm or serenity. I feel like a bundle of nerves and constantly on edge. The other night I was awake from 3am-6am with my mind just racing and racing.

I am hoping that October might bring some relief. I can't say I am confident that it will but I am trying to be hopeful! The month is starting out with the latest thing I am freaking out about.

Meeting MVP's family.

I know back in August I had this whole moment that I wasn't freaking out about him meeting my parents, you know....until I was freaking out. But notice he met my parents.

Starting tonight I will be meeting MVP's family.

Big difference.

His sister is getting married on Saturday in Charleston and we are flying there later this afternoon. I am not gonna lie...I have been super stressed about the trip all week. I had a fashion show with L the other night to select outfits that were "Meet the Family" appropriate. I've been lining up things to talk about in my head. I need to practice being smiley. I feel like sorority recruitment all over again.

There are many reasons I am stressed -- some are legit and some I know are just me being a huge ball of nervousness. I am sure in the end it will all be just fine. After all, it's a wedding so I am definitely not the main attraction :) So I think that takes a lot of the pressure off of me.

I was racing around this morning packing up my last minute things when my phone buzzed. It was a message from MVP's sister saying she was looking forward to meeting me and excited I could join them for all the wedding festivities. The Bride, with likely a million and three to do's on her to do list 2 days before her wedding. A person who has every right to be stressed and freaking out. She took some time out of her morning to track me down on facebook and send me a sweet message. I knew I was going to like MVP's family but that gesture was beyond wonderful.

So wish me luck, bloggy friends! I need to put my nerves aside and stop freaking out for a few days. Shouldn't be TOO hard...after all, we'll be in Charleston...


  1. Good Luck!! I am so happy for you, I am always freaking out about something too as you know but I am trying to learn to breathe and enjoy the moment and be present. It helps me a lot. Charleston is so quaint and wonderful! HAVE FUN and ENJOY the trip!!

  2. Good luck! I know you will be fantastic. Just try to have as much fun as possible and try to squeeze in some time for yourself to relax. I'll be thinking about you!

  3. You're going to be great! I've never met you and I already like ya, so I'm sure the fam will eat you up! Just be you, no need to worry. If he's bringing you home, there's a reason. Be confident in that! You're awesome! And, his sister was super sweet to reach out. If they had any issues or worries about meeting you, I dont think she would have done that. You're aces--now start believing it! :)

  4. You don't need luck - you will do great! Have a cocktail, loosen up and then just start talking. Before you know it, you won't be able to stop. Read this too: It's long, but worth the read - talks about starting every day being grateful for something and how it can change your perspective.

    Most of all - HAVE FUN! Charleston is fabulous, so that part shouldn't be hard :)

  5. I love Charleston! You'll be fine.. promise!

  6. Oh. My. Gawd.

    I didn't realize you were going to charleston with MVP!!!! How exciting. Do y'all get any "alone time"? If so, go to the rooftop bar at Vendue. Seriously. It's quaint & sweet and you can "have a moment" to recoup.

    Toast (on Meeting St.) really is yummy. Breakfast all day if you need to nurse the hang over :) Are you with the parents 24/7??? Gaaahhh...why didn't I realize this???

  7. Charleston is amazing - it will be a wonderful trip, and I bet MVP's parents will heart you. Good luck!

  8. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  9. Hope that you had a great weekend! Can't wait to hear!