Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday -- we DON'T want the funk

I am trying very, VERY hard today to pull myself out of the job and other atrocities related funk I currently find myself in. It feels like a daunting task for sure, because I just have so very much that feels like it is overwhelming me at the moment. I am trying to take it one day at a time, and sometimes one hour at a time, and keep breathing. I need to lay off the sweets though; I just absentmindedly crunched my way through MANY cherry lifesavers and think I may be able to actually *feel* the cavities forming.

Anyway, it an effort to de-funk, I thought I would link up with What I'm Loving Wednesday and try very hard to find some things to love today. Not saying these are gonna be all that good, but just know that I am trying here, people.

I'm loving...the wonderful weekend I had in Charleston. MVP's family could not have been any nicer and I think it went very well. At least I hope it did! The wedding was so lovely and the food...well the food was out of this world.

I'm loving...Charleston in general. It was my very first time there and am already thinking about when I could go back. It was a busy weekend so we didn't get to see/do all that there is to see/do there, so a return trip (or trips!) are definitely in order.

I'm loving...that MVP and I survived our first real trip together. Sure, there has already been a long drive up to NJ to spend time with some of my family, but flying and airports add a lot more stress and headaches to the travel equation. But we remarked on Sunday after FINALLY getting back to DC (delayed over an hour flying out of Charleston), that it all went really well for us travel-wise. MVP even said it seemed so much easier than he had though. So we passed this travel test with flying colors. Sorry, so so bad but I couldn't help myself with that one.

I'm loving...that it finally feels like fall. Crisp weather, pumpkins on sale at the grocery store, Halloween around the corner. I even used some Sierra Nevada Tumblr Autumn Brown Ale to make a Beer & Bacon mac and cheese on Monday night. (Thanks for sharing, Morgan!)

I'm loving...that I have leftover mac and cheese for the whole week :) Although I am sure my cholesterol and pants aren't necessarily loving it!

I'm loving...lots of new fall shows and the return of lots of favorites. Although I am far, far behind on my watching and have a DVR that is busting at the seams.

I'm loving...playoff baseball. Would be loving it THAT MUCH more if my Phillies can close out their series later today.

I'm loving...Procter & Gamble. They sent me a HAUL of stuff from BlogHer. No joke, the box has probably at least $100+ worth of products in it. It is amazeballs and I will seriously be brand loyal to them after this.

I'm BlogHer buddy, Morgan. She sends me fabulous cards in the mail (the REAL mail -- like with a stamp and everything!) and finds ways to pick up my spirits when I am feeling like gum scraped off the bottom of someone's shoe. She is all around lovely and the best thing I got out of attending the BlogHer conference.

I'm loving...all my other bloggy buddies, you know who you are. Seriously, how amazing is it that you can make such strong connections with people over the Internet and develop honest-to-goodness friends?!?! So cool right?? Internet connections have come sooooooo far since To Catch a Predator and the Craigslist Killer, haven't they?


  1. They have come far. I wonder if there have been any weird blog stalker scary stories???

  2. Im glad that you're trying to look at the positive to get out of the funk. Every little bit helps!
    SO glad you had a good trip to SC this weekend! Woohoo for easy meeting of the family and travelling in general!
    And yay for SUNHINE!!!!!! :)

  3. Cracking up at How to Catch a Pred line!

  4. I love that you helped me find a hairdresser! (Finally getting around to pampering myself.) It's great to have that connection, even if it's virtual, when moving across the country.

    Something else to love: you're that much closer to the weekend!

  5. I am glad the weekend went so well.