Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another episode of being utterly ridiculous

MVP is on his way home today and I've been somewhat distracted at work. I have missed him so much the last two weeks and am obviously excited to see him but I'm also....nervous. Is that totally weird?

Quick, please someone tell me that is not totally weird so I can calm the eff down and not worry about how I am feeling anxious over this.


  1. It's not weird. You guys are still really new if you think about it.
    Plus, it's a sign that you really do like him!!

  2. It's not weird at all. After dating my ex for over a year (long distance) I still would get nervous/excited to see him after we'd been apart a few weeks. Nothing abnormal about it, at all! :)

  3. I agree - I think if you didn't have the butterflies THAT would be more weird!

  4. Not a bit twisted sweetie. I have to admit my heart flip~flops a bit when Hubs walks into a room and we've been together 40 years!!! Now that's wierd! Heehehehe!!!

    Sorry I've taken so long to get around to ya but we're havin' a wedding here on the Ponderosa tomorrow and I've been just a tad busy. :o)

    Sweetie, I just wanted to thank ya for your visit and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope Ya'll enjoy the ride. Woohoo!!!

    God bless and in the words of that wild and crazy Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now, ya hear!!!"