Thursday, November 10, 2011

What the what?

I really love when I log into Blogger, excited that a morning meeting got cancelled so now I have a bit of time to just enjoy a few blogs before diving into the work day, and blogger tells me I am currently not following any blogs.

Hilarious, Blogger. You are a real laugh riot.



  1. lol, I hate when that happens...thankfully one little click of the refresh button usually seems to fix that issue. I guess even blogger has brain farts :)

  2. That's happened to me a few times too. Usually I take it as a sign that I probably should be doing work instead and come back later. Ha!

  3. That happens to me almost every time I log in. I have found just clicking the Dashboard button at the top will usually refresh it. Still a big ol' pain.

  4. Got to love that. I was trying to get through my reader before going to an open house and it said they had disabled my account. Come back and log in again and needed to be verified because of unusual activity. I am off to nap and hope that it is still working when I get up.