Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to the grind

Always so hard to come back to work after a long weekend. Even though *technically* it wasn't a long weekend for me since I worked on Friday, but you catch my drift.

I had a great weekend in MVP's hometown and really enjoyed meeting a lot of his friends. Although tailgating bright an early in the morning and all through the day got the better of me and I put myself to bed at around 7:30 or so while MVP and others changed and headed out for the night. Hopefully I didn't come across as too much of a party pooper, but I just knew I had no get-up-and-go left in me. Judging by how MVP looked/felt on Sunday, I think I made the right choice ;) I think I am getting to the age where I am SO OLD that I don't even remember a time when I could be a rockstar that tailgated all day and then went out at night. I am sure some of my college friends will refresh my memory otherwise though...

Unfortunately, all that travel and tailgating set me back big time in my battle against the cold. I felt pretty good waking up yesterday, and then it has been a steady decline since then. So it's back to chugging Theraflu for me. And blowing my nose what feels like every 2 minutes. Although I do have these nifty new "cooling" tissues from Kleenex. Was a bit skeptical but they totally help my nose not get all red and sore.

Hoping that the week ahead is an easy one for all of us so we can recover from our holiday weekends!


  1. If you say your are old again I will crawl through the computer and get you.

  2. Quit saying you are old. We all have those times when we can't go out after a day of tailgating. I pooped out 2 weeks ago.
    Feel better