Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed some time off and safe travels. If you are anything like me, you are having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things this week. After all, at this very time last week, we were all dreaming of turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and pie and eating/drinking/sleeping too much. Now....well, it's just another Wednesday.

BUT, there are still things to be loving on this Wednesday after Thanksgiving, right?
What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving.... that the car repair place just called and while it isn't going to be FREE, it's definitely a reasonable amount and should be ready by the end of the day today. Two thumbs up for that.

I'm loving....that my cold feels slightly less crappy than yesterday. Maybe I am finally turning a corner for good? Fingers crossed!

I'm loving....these Tom's. I've been contemplating a pair for a while now and these just seem too good to pass up.

I'm loving....that a friend is off to the hospital today to deliver her twin baby girls. So excited for M&B and the newest chapter of their lives. And I am DYING to finally learn the babies' names!

I'm loving....that even though I really didn't deprive myself of treats lately, I managed to lose a little weight after Thanksgiving. I don't quite know how in the world that's possible, but I'll take it!

I'm loving....that I finally made a microwave mug cake. The recipe I actually used was a little different and used some delicious Nutella but holy cow was the thing good for taking less that ten minutes to mix and make. And it made TOO MUCH cake. I never knew there could be such a thing as too much cake, but there certainly was for me. MVP looked a little excited by it and remarked "So you're saying now I can have cake anytime I want??" Things may have just gotten dangerous...

I'm loving....the Christmas pants I bought for MVP. We had been shopping a long time ago and run across the most amazing Christmas pants at a Brooks Brothers Outlet store. I think they may have been some sort of red and green plaid wool with little Christmas trees embroidered all over them. But of course they were way too expensive to rationalize a pair of pants you could only wear during the holiday season. Then a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a Vineyard Vines sale on Rue La La...and lo and behold the North Pole Grey Wool Club pant. With teeny little sprigs of holly embroidered on it in addition to santas hanging off of ship anchors.

I'm loving....that MVP actually got excited about the pants and didn't think I was a total looney tune for buying them for him. He even selected the perfect bow tie to go with them.

I'm loving....that things feel a bit more manageable at work at the moment. It's not easy-breezy, but it definitely feels better than this time last month, so I am really really thankful for that. I know this is probably too good to last for very long, but I will enjoy it while I can!


  1. TWINS! How fun! Can't wait to hear the names either! You will have to share!

  2. Im glad that MVP liked his pants....and he picked out a bow tie??? Wow, he really got into it!
    Suuuuuper glad that work is feeling better for you. Enjoy it!! :)

  3. I'm kindove loving Toms now also .. mentioned this to my trendy girlfriend who kindly informed me there no longer in style haha like i care, i still wear uggs every day :-)

  4. mmm...microwave mug cake? sounds good. i'm hooked on hungry girl's microwave omelette things. might be time for a switch up!

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  5. I need to meet MVP. For the simple fact that he liked the pants - he sounds fabulous!

  6. I made a mug cake too, and I put it on my WILW... too funny! Cute blog :-)

  7. How cute are those Toms? I say go for it! Thanks for sharing the mug cake recipe, such a great idea for when I have one of those intense chocolate cravings :)

  8. I would not be able to have mug cake in my house. I would eat 12 of them.

    MVP in a good sport!