Monday, November 7, 2011

A Monday that's really a Tuesday

I survived my conference in Seattle and made it back to DC in one piece -- hooray!! I spent my Saturday catching up on TV watching, swapping out my summer clothes, unpacking my winter clothes, and grocery shopping. I'm also thinking I must have lost a box of winter things because there are some shirts and pants I was expecting to unpack that I never found....annoying. Sunday was spent volunteering for Junior League -- all in all not so bad, we were done an hour and a half earlier than anticipated AND they sent us home with 2 Georgetown Cupcakes. Score.

Now I am back to the same-old-same at work, just trying to keep my head down and get things done. Slow and steady.

Deep breaths. Must. Not. Freak. Out.

Things are still stressful, but I am trying to just take it as it comes, bit by bit, and look forward to things outside of the office to get me through the time I must spend in the office.

It helps a BUNCH that today is really like Tuesday, since I have Friday off for the Veteran's day holiday. Before you go getting TOO jealous, I will let you know that I do NOT have off for the day after Thanksgiving (what the eff, right?!) But I will happily take my day off at the end of this week.

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  1. Yeah I had to work the Friday after T-Day at my last job. Luckily there was a Gap in our building so since pretty much everyone took the day off, I just shopped for about an hour when the store opened.