Friday, November 4, 2011

TIGF read that correctly. It's not a typo. I need to take a cue from lots of other folks out there and make sure I am taking time this month to remember Things I'm Grateful For.

Right now, as I'm trying to wind down and get ready for bed (and setting this to auto post tomorrow!) I'm very grateful that I get to go home tomorrow. As much as I love a hotel room and having someone as make my bed while I'm out for the day, I'm really looking forward to getting home and sleeping in my own bed.

I'm grateful for not having any sort of obligations on Saturday so I'm free to sleep in, get some things done around the apartment, run a few errands.

I'm grateful that, even though it has been giving me some days that really try me, I have a job and a paycheck.

Even though I haven't been a fan of this work trip, I am grateful for the quiet time on the plane when I can catch up on my trashy magazine reading. I was falling wayyyyyy behind.


  1. LOVE the time for trashy magazine reading. It's essential! :)
    Hope you have a rest-ful weekend so you can get back to a happy place!

  2. I had plans tonight with a friend and she canceled and I am so happy. I am going to go home and not move. Have a great weekend!

  3. Happy weekend!! I'm going to do a thankful post too. Hmmm...what am I thankful for....

  4. It's awesome when you don't have plans on a Saturday. Then you can do whatever you want. Enjoy!

  5. love!! you've inspired me to do my own. it's so important!