Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I really don't know where last week went! Things have been busy busy BUSY at work (mostly in a good way) although there is LOTS to do before folks start leaving for holiday time off. My continues busy-ness at work is really still to blame quietness on the blog lately....still hopeful that I can get back to regular postings but I love taking my "mental health" breaks throughout the day to read all of my regular blogs.

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving....the breathtaking image of all the wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery on my drive in to work this morning. What an amazing service done last weekend by Wreaths Across America and all of their wonderful volunteers.

Photo from The Washington Post.

I'm loving....that it feels like my cold is almost all gone. Although I think MVP may be suffering through his time with that same cold now...

I'm loving....the email I got from MVP yesterday letting me know his Christmas pants were a hit at his office holiday party.

I'm friend's annual Cookie Party this past Sunday. Too much fun to list here, and a blog post dedicated to this fabulous annual event is on it's way, I promise! If you are unfamiliar of how deadly serious this annual bake-off is, you can read about last year here and here. Something has not changed since last year friends still have *the* cutest kids on the planet.

I'm loving....that I am *just* about finished with holiday shopping. Some final presents that were ordered online should be arriving this week. Some of them I was lucky enough to send straight up to my mom so that she could wrap them for me (what a HUGE help, right?)

I'm loving....the Christmas Day I have planned for this Saturday for me and MVP. I am literally giddy with excitement over this. While I LOVE surprises, MVP generally does not, so I really love that he is being such a good sport and letting me plan this out and leave him in the dark on the details.

I'm loving....all the good things I am finding on Pinterest lately. Are you all on there too?? Then please link up with me since I know you all are likely to have TONS of fabulous things pinned for me to drool over and lust after :)

I'm loving....that this is my last full week in the office until 2012. That is just about the best Christmas gift anyone could ask for!


  1. Love that image of the wreaths! So pretty!
    And YAY for all of the other things (except I'm still *slightly* bitter about your cookie party interfering with us meeting up haha, jk). Happy Wednesday! (and I'm following you on Pinterest now)

  2. How wonderful that Christmas wreaths are placed on the soldiers' headstones. I'm sure it's a sight to behold.

  3. So cute! These are all great things to love - and that image is just beautiful. Have a great weekend!