Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week seems to be chugging along at a pretty quick clip -- great for getting to Friday faster, not so great when I think about how MUCH needs to get checked off my work to-do list before the end of this week. Aiming for slow and steady and hoping I can clear all my hurdles before the weekend. Busyness at work probably has some bearing on the quietness on the blog lately....hopefully I can get back to regular postings but I am still sure to take sanity breaks throughout my day to read all of my regular blogs. Definite bright spots to the day!

Despite the absolutely dreary weather here in DC today, I feel like I'm in a pretty good mood and am thankful to have a bunch of things I'm loving on this gloomy Wednesday.

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving.... holiday cards! I got my very first one in the mail the other day and was absolutely giddy. I also was able to get a bunch of mine addressed the other night, so hoping I should get them all out in the mail by Friday -- hooray! Not as excited about my card as in year's past, but I am excited that I will be getting them out much earlier than I have in previous years.

I'm friends annual Cookie "Party" this Sunday. I say "Party" because this is just a clever disguise for a cut-throat cookie competition. Easily one of my fave holiday traditions, esp the fact that she feeds us a fabulous dinner and always has good wine. I am still on the fence about what recipe to use this year -- any good suggestions out there?? I haven't won in YEARS, so I am kind of itching for the title again...

I'm loving....that the new pantry at work now stocks Coke Zero. Although, I fear it may just enable my addiction.

I'm loving....chipping away at my gifts list. Slowly but'll all get done. Mostly online to save me from the stress of dealing with crazy holiday shoppers.

I'm loving....that this year, I get TWO Christmases. MVP and I are flying down to his parent's house for a few days, then on Christmas day flying back up here to head up to my Pop-Pop's house in NJ for a couple days with my family. This is another first for me, and I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

I'm loving....the new Bare Escentuals eye shadows. Have any of you tried these? I mean, I consider myself an absolute product junkie. I have a whole dresser drawer full of makeup alone (I know, I know) But I was so blown away by these. The consistency, the gorgeous shade selections, the staying power. These are my new go-to.

I'm loving....that Starbucks now has K-cups. Hallelujah -- mornings just got a little bit better!

I'm loving....a Christmas Adventure Day I am planning for MVP. I know he doesn't read this, but I don't want to give away any details here, just in case :) I am so super excited for it -- actually, it may be more of a present for ME than it is for him.

I'm loving....good things happening for good people. My friend winning an iPad (jealous!), another friend about to start a new and really exciting opportunity for work, friends having babies and announcing's all just so much more lovely when good things happen to good people.

I'm loving....all the fabulous things I find on Pinterest. I try to limit my time on there, because I think I could easily play around on that site for HOURS. Anyone else out there feel the same? Would love to follow some of your boards on Pinterest!

I'm loving....Words with Friends. You can find me on there at TerpGirl99. Seems Alec Baldwin is a Words with Friends fanatic too :)


  1. yeah!! i'm on pinterest and wwf too!!!!! let's play! :D

  2. WTF - YOU'RE the TerpGirl who keeps stalking me on words? Now that I know, I won't decline your advances anymore :)

    What's a K-cup?

    And yes, Pinterest is like crack, for non-drug addicts.

  3. Does your Christmas Adventure involve MVp wearing his Christmas pants.

    And the fact that Alec Balwdin was top news story drives me bonkers.

    What is a K-cup?

    And I will be in MD for the whole week after Christmas. Lunch??? Or wine?

  4. I'm hosting my annual cookie exchange again this year and it too is a excuse for a party and to bake! I don't do a winning cookie though. Not sure my feelings on that. There are a lot of people who don't even bring cookies.. they just come to drink and hang out :)

  5. We actually taste test and then vote on the is serious. All in good fun, or course, but we all get a little competitive over it :)

  6. I can't wait to see what cookie you take this year.