Friday, February 17, 2012


More commonly known as, THANK GOD IT'S A THREE DAY WEEKEND!

I am so looking forward to having three days off. Like OFF, off. No big plans, no meetings or outside obligations. Just three days to so what I see fit.

While I wish that meant lounging about and catching up on movies before the Oscars next week, the three days will be filled with a lot of cleaning, unpacking and organizing at the apartment. I've managed to get MVP on board for a trip tomorrow to Ikea, Target and Coscto (and hoping I may be able to squeeze Homegoods in there too...) I'm hoping come Monday night, we will be very close to being all settled into the apartment.

I am also looking forward to not setting an alarm clock for three whole days. The last few weekends I have been running around non-stop, usually on very little sleep. Will be nice to just sleep in a bit.

Sadly, all that running around has led to me feeling very under the weather. What started out as a stomach bug last weekend has now morphed into some sort of sinus-y thing. It sucks. Hoping some rest and taking things easy this weekend can kick this thing to the curb!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans may be :)


  1. Man oh man, I had that stomach-bug-turned-sinusy-thing two weeks ago! It wasn't fun, but I kicked it with extra vitamin C, lots of juice, etc. Hope you feel better soon!

    I'm determined to see at least one of the movies nominated for an Oscar before the big event. ha.

    I'm super lucky and we have a FOUR day weekend, so I'm still drinking coffee and reading blogs at 12:54 pm. Sweeeeet. My next plan is to go for a run, shower, and then do a little shopping trip since my boyfriend and roommate are both working and I have the day to myself!

    Here's to a sweet mini vacation. :)

  2. I am so thankful for a 3 day weekend. The kids at school are out of control! No major plans for us either. Enjoy getting settled into your new place.