Monday, March 5, 2012

Did you wear your NPC badge today?

Today is the National Panhellenic Conference's International Badge Day. A day when all NPC chapter initiates are to wear their badges with pride, whether they are 18 year old collegians or 88 year old alumnae.

I was having such a Monday morning that I totally forgot to wear mine, but hopefully some of you fellow-Greek bloggers remembered (or just weren't running as late as I was!) and are wearing your badges with pride today.

I was able to find this poem that I remember reading during my senior year at school that always resonated with me. Thought I would share :)

It makes little difference
The size of your pin
Whether it's large or small,
And if its plain
Or brilliant with jewels
Is of no concern at all,

But the vows that you took
Along with your pin,
Have you worn them constantly,
Quietly, deep in the heart
Where no one looks to see?

Have you touched the stars
You reached for once
In your own small piece of sky?
Have you striven for the honorable,
The beautiful, and the high?

What difference then
The shape of the badge,
Be it pyramid, diamond or square
The important thing is
How much do you love
The pin you chose to wear?


  1. I saw people posting their pins on Facebook and I was so confused! Thanks for clearing it up!

    I've been thinking about getting my pin put on a disc to wear on a charm bracelet, but then I'm afraid of losing it!

  2. so very true!! thoUGH i still forgot to wear mine.