Monday, March 5, 2012

Filing under things that are "SO not fair"

MVP remarked this weekend that since moving in, he has lost a couple pounds. Positive benefit of eating more healthful meals at home, bringing a lunch to work instead of eating out, things like that.

Meanwhile I have been a little down in the dumps because I think I have gained the pounds that he lost. Probably also doesn't help that I have been stressed out recently -- and when I get stressed, it wreaks havoc on my sleep, my skin and my weight.

But seriously?? He can drop weight almost effortlessly while I know I will struuuuuuuugggggle to peel off the 2 or 3 pounds that I have somehow gained recently.

So. Not. Fair.


  1. It's always like that for guys for some reason. They are all - Oh, I took my lunch to work this week, I lost 4 pounds. And for me? I took my lunch to work this week but then I ate chocolate bar. So... ;)

  2. Agreed! I had a male coworker who started playing basketball for 20 minutes a day and cut his beer intake by 1 can per day. He lost 20lbs in two weeks. WHAT!