Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Living up to the hype

Product placement and product endorsement is everywhere. Some overt, some a little sneakier. Watching the chase scene in last night's season finale of "Alcatraz" was literally just one giant commercial for Ford and nothing more.

For me, there is a certain level of gravitas to products I learn about through favorite blogs. Whether they are compensated, receive free products to review, or are simply enthusiastic about their latest find. They are more genuine to me; they have a level of authenticity to them that I trust more.

So after reading about Trader Joe's Movie theater popcorn on this post at I Do Declare, I made a mental note to pick some up the next time I made a TJ's run.

The bag has been sitting in my kitchen for awhile now. I didn't even think of it until last night. I hadn't really been that hungry for dinner, but wanted something simple to snack on during TV time with MVP. I made myself a little bowl....fast forward to two hours later and MVP and I had polished off the whole bag. Ihttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gift is THAT good. It really does taste JUST like movei theater popcorn! And while it is not healthfood by any means, it still has to be nutritionally better for you than the stuff at the theater.

Rest assured, I will be sneaking little bags of this stuff in my purse every time I go to the movies now. It will remain a staple item on my TJ's shopping list. Thanks for the tip, I Do Declare!!


  1. Note to self.. don't buy it. I'll eat the whole bag. HA! There are seriously things I don't buy anymore because I have NO CONTROL!!

  2. Hee - you're welcome! I am glad you agree! At first when I was reading I was like, Oh no...she hated it! HAAAAA! It's no joke, though - good stuff!

  3. Guess I'll be buying this on my next TJ's trip. I already go there every week for a tub of Australian licorice. I mean, for all of my veggies.

  4. I love learning about new things to buy at Trader Joe's from bloggers. Some of my favorites: the "gone bananas" one bite at a time (frozen banana slices dipped in chocolate), Gloucester cheese with chive and onion, and the chipotle hummus (which they don't have at the TJs in the Bay Area, but they do have at my mom's TJ's in Georgia). YUM.

  5. I can't believe I have been missing out on this TJ's greatness for so long. I am grabbing a bag asap. Thanks for sharing :)