Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More than just cookies

Yesterday, Girl Scouts celebrated its 100th Birthday.

They are celebrating all year long with their Year of the Girl program.

Such an amazing organization that is about so much more than cookies. I'm always incredibly proud that I was a Girl Scout and am privileged enough to continue my support of the organization through the relationship between GS and my national sorority. I sat in awe during a Girl Scout session at our sorority's national convention this summer learning about what Girl Scouts of America has grown into. And let me tell you, it is SO much more than cookies ;)

And on June 9th, 200,000 girls and women will convene on the national mall here in DC for Girl Scouts Rock the Mall, the world's largest sing along. I'm planning to be there -- anyone wanna join me??

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  1. I was a Girl Scout too and am very proud of it. You will have fun on the mall. I am sure they will do it up even better than the 75th they had there.