Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I was an English Major

There, I said it. No, I did not want to be a teacher. After growing up with two high school teachers for parents I had a profound amount of respect for those choosing that line of work, and ZERO desire to follow in their footsteps.

I love words. I love writing. I love reading. I love editing copy. I love stories. I am constantly amazed that we have an alphabet with 26 letters and the brilliant things you can do with those 26 letters.

I really enjoyed this article I came across today. Particularly this bit at the end:

"A college degree does not entitle you to anything but the printed paper. Like anything else in this world, you only get out what you put in."

Being a person that volunteers some of my time working with college students all I can say to that is A-freaking-MEN

As I read the article I thought of another recent college grad who also happened to have a B.A. in English....anyone remember Temp Assistant? Wonder what ever became of her....


  1. Just in case you're unfamiliar with the greatest puppet musical ever, you should check this out:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZrYqGwSduU (skip to a minute in).

    1. Oh my gosh YES -- I had almost forgotten about Avenue Q!